Tuesday, June 6, 2017

If I Blogged About My Day To Day.

Good morning. There is nothing to see here. Just a guy and his blog. Just doing the day to day thing,  and putting here whatever enters my head.

Spoiler alert:  my day to day is pretty boring.

Yesterday for the highlight we got one of those tractor sprinklers. Somehow the tractor follows the path of your hose, and waters the whole lawn. We are lazy, and the idea of moving the sprinkler a few times every day will never happen. Now we just set up hose and tractor, and the lawn gets sprinkled.

It seems like rocket science how those things work,  but that little do hickie  has been around for decades. So 1960 rocket science probably.

Other than that not much. I slept all the way to my early alarm almost. A good night sleep. The day before I was up at midnight. Life is the best with a good night sleep. My veggies and garden got watered. I picked up another plant. Green zucchini. I have yellow and green. One of our grill favorites.

It looks like I will be working more hours on Saturdays. Fine with me,  cuz I dont really do much after work on Saturday. Just kinda wait for dinner.

My day to day seems pretty dumb, but my life is different than yours. You are as you have always been. You were once a kid who threw tantrums, and now you are more civilized. The imperfect you are still trapped in the same imperfect kid you once were. You have the ability to be more socially accepted,  but the fundamental version of you hasn't changed.

It basically means your heart cannot be content. A human heart yearns to chase after wind. My heart is much different. I am no longer the same kid who was shy, but still threw tantrums I am sure. I am not perfect,  but my heart has no use for wind. My heart stops me from even wanting to chase after it.

In that way I am cool with my day to day. I have no need for making a name for myself. No use matching myself vs. others to see how I stack up.

In the end we don't stack up against the World. That matters. Everything else doesn't. You cannot teach a creature of this World that however. Too much wind out there needs chasing.



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