Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Monday.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing okay. I had a typical weekend. I worked, and hung out. Didn't do much really. Watered my stuff. Looking around the neighborhood a lot of people have brown grass. Glad I am taking care of our front yard this year.

The people across the street from us bought their house with underground sprinkling. They don't use it. I never see them outside. They are on the large side, always no sun,  and their grass is brown. I don't think he wants to cut the grass. I sometimes wonder what they do couped up in their house.

In Michigan there is plenty of time to be in the house in the winter time. You kinda wonder what people do to occupy their time.

Not that I do any great things,  but I still wonder. I mean really there are no great things to be done. To each their own I guess.  What do people feel they get out of life compared to what they expect?  I assume disappointment a lot, cuz life does do that.

No matter what you sometime expected great things of your time here,  and you really won't find that. It is a big World,  and everywhere you look you'll see flaws. People are flawed,  dirt and grime are everywhere. Try cleaning just your house,  and keeping up with it.

Somehow we thought this thing would be magical, and it isn't. Violence, drugs, sex, alcohol, wars, murder, rape. You name it this World has it. Not only will life disappoint you, but you will disappoint others.

I think in everyone's anger is a hidden sadness. I come to the conclusion many will not get to that. Anger is consuming, and it takes much to get to the causes.

Anyway, life goes on. Today I'll have a day. It won't be much to it, but I'll look at things,  and think of things. I'll have a meal,  and do my watering. I like to look at my plants everyday. Pretty fun.  :)

I also have to finish my book.

Anyway. I'll cya.

Bye.  :)

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