Saturday, June 10, 2017

What The Heck.

Good morning. There is absolutely no reason for me to blog,  but I am up, and this is what I do. Yesterday went pretty okay. I thought I might be able to sneak out early yesterday, but the day filled up. Funny how that happens. I stopped for a couple beers after work with the guys, and got a ride home. I had tools and shit I picked up to fix the duct work for the coffee roaster. I wouldn't have been able to carry them home.

I watered the grass, and had sghetti for dinner. Then I slept. A pretty uneventful day really. I guess they all are. Today I  work,  water, and eat. I'll take Hope in a bit. I already had my coffee. I may have another.

All in all I feel pretty good. It is good to be me. Waking up how I do I wonder how others are. I am so long removed from how people normally are. I still was different during the dead years so that wasn't even the same.

It don't really matter. I don't know you, and you really have no idea about me. We are different. Neither of us are perfect. We have that in common.

Perfect is something that comes later. I guess you can strive for it if you want, but you will fail. It will help you see the truth. You ain't all that. I learned the truth the hard way. I learned it in the wilderness. I learned we are not much better off than the beasts of the field. If you think about it is true. What we eat. Sex is sex. Not exactly a glamorous thing people do. Having babies is pretty gross. We all toil in imperfection. A sword was made. It is used to judge. Prophets were all imperfect people save one as the story goes.

The story is a long one. No quick fixes on this route. Why?  I don't know. False teachers preach quick fixes as they dress in their garments.

I has no idea any of this.  I had no idea what I was getting into. For little old me to learn all this stuff is a pretty crazy story. For me to learn the whole World is wrong is pretty crazy.

I knew my story decades ago. I had to wait for the right time for my labors to begin again. A time not of my choosing, but I pretty much knew things were happening. Really I overcame the 2nd of 3 times, and the wait started right up. I looked at the bleakest possible future for myself. The judges told me that is your lot. I will be the antichrist, and I will have the worst end. With a strength not of my own I said I'll do it it is God's will. The judges control your heart too, so you believe everything they say. It was pretty soon after that I knew good was done. Pretty much the blessing I received prior to overcoming the first time took hold. Some 25 years later give or take.

So I am confident,  and assured.  People can do nothing to me. Now we are in a spot where nothing really is being done.  Just day after day. Eventually stuff will have to happen again, and I presume it will have to be your doing. My blog is the wait. I am just waiting for number 3 to happen. I will have to suffer much during that time, but I am not afraid. I have the courage of the one who went before me, because without help who knows what would have happened to me.

Left to my own devices who knows?  So I did my stuff. My story is decades in the making, and after all is said and done I can enjoy my days. As Solomon saw the pointlessness of life I do too. I am just able to enjoy my days,  cuz my heart is different than I would otherwise be.

So, today will be another day.

I'll cya.   :)

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