Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Time Marches On.

That was the title of a country song. Tracey Lawrence I think or something like that. Time does march on though. Day after day turns into year after year. I don't know people really. I mean at all really. A good portion of their life I assume people think they and their life are important. You are the center of your universe. No one is more important than you.

Anyway days go on non stop. Someday you will be old, and your days will be reaching their end.

Wanna know what I did yesterday?  I worked,  we ran some errands, stopped and had a few beers with Hawaii Brian. He lives in Holland again. I fertilized the front yard, and watered it. We ordered a pizza. There is something about finishing the day with a meal. That content feeling of being full. Then the food induced coma afterward. It mostly is the beer and food induced coma.  They work together beautifully.

A day, a good night sleep, and now another day. I already am thinking of stopping by the Mexican store on the way home to pick up stuff for steak fajitas. Already it seems like it will be a good day.

There will be work,  and weather. It will be warm. Outside of work I can do what I like without a care in the World. Luckily my heart doesn't yearn for weird things. You people and your farm animals. You people are gross. There are laws against that you know.

Anyway, just getting something down.

Today will be a day. Time will march on. I will do what I do.

Laterzzz.   :)

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