Saturday, June 3, 2017

Even This Gets Boring.

Good morning. I am fine. I'd ask how you are doing, but I don't care.  :)  I haven't done this in a bit. Slept a little late,  or didn't feel like it. Not sure.

I can tell you something I thought about yesterday. After work I took Hope for a walk. I was looking at the nice houses on South Shore. Big decks, access to water, etc...  what do you do with that?   No one was on their deck. Is boating even that fun?  The best you can hope for is to have a couple beers with friends. Maybe you have a basketball court in your house. You still only need a modest place to live. A place to enjoy the outside,  or to watch a movie,  tv, or read. A place to sleep, and a place to make a meal.

If people are enslaved to bigger and better that kinda sucks. You can have just as much fun in a modest house, and less rooms to clean. I decided I hated the lives lived by the people on South Shore. You gotta make a lot of money for those houses, and that is a slavery issue. One never has enough money.

Anyway. I thought of that. I fertilized my veggies,  and watered my seeds. Had a meal. Now I'll have another cup of coffee,  and take Hope.

Should be a day today.

Cya.  :)

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