Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just Start I Guess.

Today,  I have no idea about a title, so I guess I'll just start. I pretty much have no idea what to blog about either,  but whatever. I have coffee, my morning. I have a day before me,  and not a care in the World really. It's pretty nice to wake up this way. Nothing really dragging me down.

I don't know how a typical person feels when they wake up. I don't know if life is a grind. Gotta do this and that. I know many, most,  all people get tied up in responsibilities. Gotta do this and that. Gotta be a certain way cuz it's expected. Have to act a certain way. Have to smile, and make nice.

Not all people. Some people are just angry. I don't know what makes a person like that. I don't really have to worry about people though. I have my life. I have my days. The morning is always filled with promise,  and I rarely live up to what I expect to accomplish each day. I also rarely give a shit. I live a life with a clean slate. All the burdens one accumulates in life have been wiped free.

As a person I haven't been perfect. I am strong enough,  probably the only one, who doesn't accept "good enough".  I traveled the path where I learned of me. I know the shortcomings we all face. I know this though. There is so much a person has to learn,  but that path is blocked save one way. You can read all the books, eat all the veggies, stay current in all current events yet the learning is still blocked.

We were born destined to think a lot higher of ourselves than we should. Me too. No doubt about it. I learned the truth. Learning the truth of me I I know the truth of you. Me knowing this doesn't help you any. I cannot do for me what eventually will be done. I cannot help you in what you must do. You are alone in this World although people are around. Your thoughts are yours. I wonder what percentage of these we hide? 

A Saint none of us are. There is no grading on a curve as far as these things go.  Life is a pass/fail class. Instead of living like you have the pass nailed,  maybe you should look at the truth. See why it is you are on the route of fail.

That would help you the most.

Anyway. Today is another day.

Guess I'll start mine.


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