Saturday, May 13, 2017

You Never Know.

So my first week of drinking one time/week was not perfect. My sleeping is different,  and my eating too. I did have a couple cheat drinks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday was my drink day, and I might not have used it, but I was tired. Tired mostly cuz I was woken up at 11:00 PM from loud talking,  and had problems falling back asleep.

A WIP.  Other than that I stay busy. Work is busy, I have more stuff to do than I can finish probably. I think 50 is a good year. You don't have to stay up with the latest  fashions, of course I may have been like that for deades. You probably have little to no debt, cuz you don't need things. Kids if you had any are grown up, and doing their own life thing.

My life I had no kids. Lisa had one from a previous marriage. Kids are a lot of work,  and kids aren't perfect. They back talk, and get in trouble. They don't clean,  and they make a mess. They probably don't want to go to bed on time, and all that.

I thought about a lot of things this week. I meant to blog,  but I slept or read my book instead. I am on book #6 in my series.

I know things in life. I know where this all leads. I know the route all take,  and many try to think they are taking a different route than they are.

There are only 2 routes. A perfect route,  and the thief's route. Many/all think they are on the perfect route, when all actually should be on the other route. It takes a lot of life,  and good eyesight to see where you are. The busyness of life clouds your vision,  as does the true nature of you. We weren't born with good eyesight as to where we stand.

Life is a story about you.  It isn't about heroes,  and sportsing people or suit wearers, or people in other uniforms. Throw the decorations and fashion out,  and it is just you and your life.

Family doesn't mean anything. No points for having one cuz everyone does. The 12 walked away from everything, and you are not strong enough for that.

If you were asked you couldn't. False teachers teach the wrong stuff. You have no idea what you were born into here. It isn't what you think.

There is a better spot outside the wilderness,  but you won't find much good while in it. It's kinda an endure thing, but I really don't even know what people are even thinking anyway.

You and I are different,  and I know the path I chose. I know about this life here. I know people's imperfection,  cuz I know mine.

I also am not afraid to be the thief, cuz I have help, and the truth no longer scares me.

Anyway. Today should be a day.


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