Saturday, May 6, 2017

Been A While.

I haven't been updating much lately,  and it feels pretty good. This may be my new norm. I don't really have anything important to blog about. Nothing particularly important happening in my life.

I am thinking of not drinking mostly. Maybe one day a week like I did before. It would be really easy, except when the day winds down I do think a drink would be nice. I mostly would plan to do housework,  and yard work. Probably read more too. I am going through the books where Stephanie Plum is the main character. A normal girl from Jersey turned bounty hunter.

Her character is a good one. Flawed like everyone. It's a girl though,  and the author is female. Mostly I'd read books where guys are the main character. You kinda get a females perspective.

I haven't been running, and currently I have no running shoes. I already turned my running shoes into work shoes. I will go to the running store soon, and walk for them to get a good pair for me.

I am in no hurry,  cuz I don't expect my knee to hold up to any crazy training. If I don't run or spend a crazy amount of time in some hobby I wonder what else I'll do? 

Nothing really comes to mind, but I will continue to do the house stuff and reading. I still have 16 more Stephanie Plum books to read, and then I'll start something else. I do have my jobs too, so I have stuff every day.

My whole life from before I've gone through. Every part of us has to be dealt with. All our failures and hurts and shit. Probably the most important thing in your life to do. I already did that shit. It is behind me and no longer of any consequence.

This blog is of no consequence. Me, and my life either. I am way cool with that. I don't care.

So til next time. There is always a possibility there will be no next time. Maybe tomorrow I'll have one or 3 weeks from now. I don't know.

Blogging is probably dumb. I don't know. My life is.   :)


Cya.  Have a good one.

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