Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Kid Is Alive.

Good morning. I am doing okay. I don't know why the last two days I've been waking up, and the previous week I was sleeping in.

I am alive. My insides are charged. How I feel on the inside is different than you. You I don't know. I don't know what life feels like to someone like you. On the flip side you don't know me. You have no idea how it feels to be me.

There is a great divide between you and I. There are so many important things in life,  except there aren't. The time we spend doing stuff is valuable,  except it isn't. The sacrifices we make are very valuable,  except they aren't.

Life is a time filled story that trillions have done. All end up 6' under. How is it we place so much importance in our life, which obviously isn't important?   A look at the numbers tells us the truth.

So we go on and on showing everyone how important we are, and our great deeds, but it is just life. We get thrown into this World. As kids we cry at the stupidest shit for hours on end. Across the street yesterday the neighbor lady had a kid yelling and crying mommy mommy mommy mommy. Who the fuck wants to deal with that?  

How is that loud mother fucker  going to miraculously turn perfect once he stops masturbating  47 times each day after HS?  It won't happen before HS ends that's for sure.

Life is ugly,  and all of us are flawed. Unable to be perfect. As a matter of fact we don't even know what perfect is. You may have some weird idea to it, but you really have no clue. Me either really. I know it is different than what I am now.

Maybe that is where you and I differ. I know where I stand as far as these things go.

Anyway, another blog. This is kinda boring to do I think.



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