Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Talisman For A Reindeer Is Always Gluten Free.

I read that on the Internet somewhere, and it mildly shocked me. I never knew that.

Anyway How's it going?   Me, I am fine. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. Nothing too crazy. I finished my book I started, so now I gotta go back to the library today to get book 2 in the series.

Our shingles got delivered so our roof will be done soon. Not exactly sure when their planning to do it. We'll have a couple nice days,  and then rain. Pretty excited though. Our roof will look good. We are kinda the black sheep on the block now with our ugly roof.

So there, that is the extent of my day. I made an easy meal, and tonight we will do tacos.

Simple pimple really. Crossing off day after day. Eventually we all reach the finish line. No one escapes that part. Not really sure if a lot of thought goes into it for people. Here for a bit. We do some stuff,  and exit. None of what we do makes any difference.

We have fun days, and we have hard days. We toil for paychecks and what not. In the end you don't end up perfect. Everyone else is the same as you. If your a parent your kid won't end up perfect either. It doesn't matter how much you labor, perfection is out of your power.

Does that matter?  I say it is important, but I am the only one. Everyone else lives in the land of "good enough".  That is the land people really need to graduate out of,   and I guess there only is one way. Hearts aren't able on their own to graduate out of this land, and people's vision cannot see beyond it.

So we really we just run in place,  cuz nothing of value is done in chutes and ladders land.

Anyway, I think I'll finish my coffee,  and take Hope.

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

XOXO. :)

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