Saturday, April 1, 2017

If I Could Draw It Up.

I'd draw out my Friday as it went. Work went smooth. We finished off a pretty easy week. We had a stretch where the weeks were challenging,  and out of the blue a pretty easy week.

After work I went out to the local lumberyard I used to work at to pick up the supplies I needed. Also I like to go there so I can forget a few supplies I intended to get. Why make one trip when 2 is way more efficient?   I saw a couple people I used to work with. I didn't say hi, cuz I didn't want to. Also I realized I didn't even remember their names.

Anyway I did that. Unloaded the truck. Had some time so I went out for a couple beers. Ran into Hawaii Greg so I hung out for a couple hours. I came home, Lisa brought home dinner, and I went to bed early. I now am up early, and that is how I like it. That's how I'd  draw up a perfect day.

Other than that not much going on. We have a fence to put up when I get home from work. I have plenty of time to take Hope. Plenty of time for 2 cups of coffee too I bet.

Funny thing about life is we figure something has to mean something right?  The fuck we doing here?

You'll find everyone has ideas as to the perfect life or whatever,  but no one is living the perfect life. You haven't nailed life by any stretch.

The truth doesn't stop at that seems good. The truth is absolute. No one's thoughts are perfect. Yours sure aren't. Mine either. I am accepted though. I don't stand as a righteous person. I stand as a faithful person. The truth took me here. The story doesn't stop,  because perfection is the end game. Understanding.

Everything else is just life. The thing that means nothing,  contrary to what you think. In a life that really comes down to getting points you are shut out. The other team is way stronger than you.

If it weren't for me you would have no clue. I came with the truth,  and no one wants to deal with that.

Where the truth is ABSOLUTE, where do you think you stand? 

In life we all are actors. It's all we can do, cuz we just ain't that great. Contrary to what you think.


I am out.

Later.  :)

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