Friday, April 14, 2017

The Tacos Put Me In A Food Coma.

That was my day yesterday pretty much. Buzz around work for 9 hours getting as much stuff done as I could,  ride my bike to the library to get book #2, start book, eat tacos, crash. The Tacos hit the spot though. Perfect call for dinner.

There you have a day. Seems silly I blog so often cuz really what is going to happen to me in one day?  Not much. Today is Friday. Tomorrow I get to sleep in, work a few hours, and have all of Sunday off. Not sure what I'll do, but I'll have a day off.

I don't think I thought of anything particularly interesting yesterday. I just had a day. I didn't seek out trying to change the World. Of course I never do.

I guess the most significant thing I saw was a picture on Twitter. It is someone I follow,  but I don't know. It was the day she got her leg blown off while in Afghanistan or something. I don't know her like I said. I followed her, cuz for some reason her stuff popped up in my feed.

She got like a bronze medal at the paralympics in triathlon,  but I guess I was more interested in seeing her face after her leg was blown off. It wasn't negative,  and it wasn't bitter. It may have been a drug induced high,  but from what I can tell she doesn't seem bitter or angry today either. I did think of that.

I am not gonna put her up for Sainthood,  cuz no one belongs on that pedestal,  but I like her demeanor I guess.

So then you start thinking here is someone I sorta know, but don't know. How many other people in cyberland are acquaintances like that. A lot,  but really not many I guess.

Who knows?   Who cares? 

Today I'll have a day. It won't be much different from many others. I have no idea what to do for dinner.

Gonna be a wild one today.   :)

Laterzzzzzz.  :)

XOXO. :)

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