Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Moves On...

I could tell you I had a crazy weekend, but I didn't. Outside of work we did a lot of work on our fence. We are doing the back fence. It is the most important. Our right side is fine. It's our neighbors. The left side we'll do next year probably. Our other neighbors have a fence already. Our fence that came with the house had posts that were not cemented. We put in new ones and cemented them. We also our raising the height maybe 1-1/2'. 

So really the weekend was normal in all areas, except we worked on the fence. I also stayed up later,  and slept later. It is supposed to rain all week so we probably won't finish it til this weekend.

Other than that time moves on. Another day here and another day there. I don't really know what people do or what people think.  These days I probably don't care. In a World  where most place importance in things that aren't does it even matter what people think? 

In a World of lives unimportant people try to show and prove the opposite is true. Who has time to pay attention to that?  

I have to work,  eat, and sleep. I am alive so I try to have fun doing it. I think I am mostly successful. I don't have any secrets,  except a heart that knows and accepts the truth. I guess until you reach that point you will always be lacking something.

Anyways, as usual just getting something down. I did pick the men's NCAA winner this year.

Cya.  :)

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