Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I Think It Has Been A Week.

Good morning. How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. I've been sleeping in a lot so no blog. I liked it too. Secretly I wanted to always sleep in and never blog again, but I am up.

Not much been going on. Kinda decided to work on the house this year. No running or anything. I still bike to work most days, and that will mostly be the extent of what I do. Things pile up. Yard work, grass, garden, organize, clean. We have a lot we can do. Last night I spent an hour or two planting grass, and edging. On nice days I'd like to follow that plan,  and maybe read my books on rainy days, or do shit inside.

Our big plans huh?  I am sure I'll fuck that up often,  but in theory it sounds good. As easy as life can be it still is pretty fucking busy.

Really not much else going on. Living a simple boring life,  and I think the more boring the better. My life is pretty dumb, and you'd be a fool to want to read about it, just as I am a fool to write about it.

This thing is/was about so much more though,  but you and I are different. I am a piece of shit imperfect person telling you my truth, and also kinda being a mirror to your truth. I didn't know everyone was a Saint though,  so what a waste of time.

No biggie though cuz time I have. Also in the wilderness I don't give a fuck.


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