Monday, May 8, 2017

Some Different Things.

Yesterday I did some different things. Nothing crazy. I did work 8 hours,  and listened to my book. When I got home I took Hope for a long walk. I forget you see things when you walk. Normally I walk Hope in the wee hours,  cuz she is such an ass, but I am going to walk her more during the day.

I walked past a cemetery I've run past a million times. I looked at the gravestones.   There was a couple both born in 1924. They were married for 71 years. Guy is still alive, and the lady died a year or two back. I wonder what their life was like. Got married during WWII. Lived through the post war boom. Probably bought a house. He worked, she took care of the house. It doesn't say if they had kids. Living in Holland they probably spent most Sundays in some type of Church.

The milk man delivered milk. They were my age in 1974. The guy is in his 90's. I doubt he takes dogs for a walk. Probably hasn't worked in forever. Who knows if he is mentally all there. I don't have many thoughts about their life. They probably thought it was important at some time, but like you I see them as just some old people with no story. I made up their story,  and there isn't much to it.

I also saw a lot of people born in the 1800s, and many lived long lives. Like 80 years. That surprised me. I also looked at houses and stuff. I always look at roofs. Ours just got redone,  and I am actually pretty surprised how many people have nice roofs. Like mine.  :)

Some yards were nice, and some not. I feel I have a lot of work to do with mine. I noticed trees coming into bloom. Different colors of leaves. It wasn't a waste of time really.

I did have a couple drinks after, cuz I had some stuff sitting there for a couple days.

As far as days go I guess it was okay. Those people who were married for 71 years, their lives mean nothing. Being married for 71 years means nothing. It is just life. We live out our years with no story,  and no significance.

We spent time on this Earth, and these days a good percentage of people never had milk delivered to their house. You didn't miss out on anything terribly exciting. Well, the moms may have.  ;)

So you walk on a chilly sunny day. A good wind. You see the short story of nameless people. You see roofs, and trees, and lawns,  and flowers.

My days will come to an end. I don't know why people have to kill each other. I don't know why people pay attention to politics. You are in the middle of your short story. You end up a nameless person. The memory of us does not live forever in this place.

Hopefully you die before you get dumb and feeble. Hopefully you die before all you do is watch tv.

Anyway. That is what was different yesterday.

Cya.   :)

Oh, doing different shit today too.

Laterzzzzzz.   :)

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