Monday, May 15, 2017

The Weekend Just Flew By.

It is already Monday. Nothing major happened this weekend. I worked a bit. I walked in a parade. I listened to a book, and read some of my other. I sat outside,  cuz it was sunny. I cooked on Saturday, and grilled on Sunday. Today I have to work,  and cut the grass. I probably should go to the library too to get a couple more books in my series. I am flying through them. Also we started watching 'How to get away with murder'

So life goes on. I think we will be close to 80° a lot this week. I have a lot of stuff to do I will never accomplish. Life comes at you at many angles. Should I read or clean?   Should I have two cups of coffee?     What should I have for dinner?  

Life is pretty crazy and pretty busy. I think it is good to have stuff to do though. I never really have a weekend so Monday never really feels like Monday. I get out at 2:00 PM at the latest anyway so I have time. Like today I was up before 3:00 AM so I don't just wake up and go to work.

I guess I just live my life. Nothing really important going on, and not much to stress about. I guess we all wish money would come in faster, and the bills slower,  but whatever.

Omg this update is so dumb. I guess I got nothing today.

If I cared more I'd probably delete this entry,  but I don't really give a fuck how dumb this is.

Anyway, I think I'll get my 2nd cup of coffee and read.


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