Monday, May 29, 2017

Just Some Stuff About Nothing.

I am up at my normal time for a Monday. I just don't have to work today. I have a lot of stuff to do though. It seems like a lot I guess, but I can be done in a couple hours. So much we can do, and so much time we waste. At least in day to day stuff. In the big picture there is nothing we can do. It's all relative.

Yesterday was pretty normal. I worked my Sunday job. I got out a bit early. Planted the rest of my garden. Gardening takes a little tlc. I've been pretty lazy in years past. This year I water things every day. I'll have to fertilize it too soon,  and pretty regularly thereafter.

Life goes on. Day after day. Plug along living out these days. Seems there should be a grand finale huh?  A culmination of these days leads to... our death. No one escapes it.

The terrible part of being me is I know what life stands for. I know what it means. I don't know a lot of stuff, but I know enough that all the noise in the World doesn't mean anything. People place importance in any number of things and it isn't. Collecting money won't help you escape death. You are on a crash course with your end. You will not escape it.

You'll find if you look that nothing really matters, but people are born a creature of this World. It takes a lot for you to not be. It takes a lot for you to not be a slave to it. It isn't in your power either to change you.

The World is made of fluff. It doesn't matter either. The World means nothing.

I don't know. I go on and on though. Apparently for no real reason. So I guess I'll do all I can. I'll go have a day.


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