Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Fine Art Of Surfacing.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  I am fine. I've been away for a few days. Sleeping in a bit. Staying up a bit too late. Nothing on my mind as usual. Much like today.

In the wilderness people seek for value. In the wilderness you'll find none. Your National Politics don't mean shit, if you can accept it. Your sportsing ball games have no significance outside of shit people do. In the wilderness you'll find what your life really is worth. It isn't much.

A ton of people have done this shit before. Many as smart as you with your crafty words, and firm grasp of Societal shit of the day.

Many like you had unexplained anger outside of your control.  Many other things outside your control too. Stuff inside us we wish weren't there.  Unexplained stuff we simply cannot really control.

I can tell you what it is, but do you wonder??  What is inside you that makes you not quite the person you'd like?   How do you improve you, and get rid of the bad? 

There is no sacrifice to be made. There is no labor. Your politics won't help you. As smart as you are your knowledge falls short. Probably our worse curse is our arrogant hearts. Makes us stop searching,  cuz we already reached the pinnacle. The search is over. We are better than most.

That too is a problem. We judge based on what others have done,  and what others do. The mirror is for you. It isn't for you to turn.

Your job is to do the impossible. Find out the truth about you in a World that doesn't mean shit.

Your job is to throw away your fake Saint clothes, and find the real you.

In other words...

I won't finish that sentence. Too many swear words probably.


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