Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Daunting Task.

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going?  Me, I am doing good. After work yesterday I just watched football. I didn't really feel like doing anything. I made some ribs for dinner, and that was about it.

I thought about what I was going to write this morning,  and wasn't sure. I started thinking about me a bit. This World,  and life and all that.

It seems in this great big life something should matter right?  We all go out trying to make our story. To prove to all we matter.

Anyway what I really thought about is I've been through a lot. Endured plenty. Learned a lot. I know the truth of me. I know the truth of life. In this thing I shared some stuff. It is the truth,  and I've given you the brutal truth.

The whole life we do here = zero points.

There is no significance in the big picture to flags, and parades,  and shit handed down from generation to generation is just that.  Shit. You cannot see it cuz you are in the middle of it.

I asked you to throw everything away,  and look at things objectively,  but you can't.

I am not sure why, but maybe you are afraid of what you will find. What if you find you don't really matter,  and either does this life?

Then what?? 

A whole big World out there. So much to see and so much to do,  and it all amounts to zero points.

You strived for this and that. Sacrificed this and that. You were x % points better than him and her, and it still amounts to zero points.

Quite a crazy truth huh??  All this time doing stuff in the World. Many people spend several decades doing this life thing, and it just doesn't matter. We all still die, and our time is just that, time.

We don't make the World any better, cuz the World is one big lie. Our life is one giant charade.

It is a life. It is scary,  cuz we are going to die. Oh, and we do this shit, and there is no reason for it.

So a life does have a purpose if you choose to accept it. Obviously people are already entrenched in their life, because that is how life works.

The way to freedom is built on trust. Cuz you cannot see out of your predicament. You are blind as a bat. Your heart inhibits you too. You want want want.

Pretty impossible really,  but I still think a few might make it. You only gotta overcome yourself,  cuz the rest will have to be done for you.

You aren't strong enough for the story set before you. You are only strong enough to overcome you... Maybe. Some of you anyway. The rest are a product of this World, and will remain so.

Why so  hard??  No clue. I was in it to make myself better. I had no clue what I was getting into.

I also had no clue my labor was what it would be. No clue the wait would be so long, and so long without accomplishing anything.

I don't know you all too well, but something I know of life. There is something missing in you. You aren't perfect,  and life is pretty tiresome, cuz it's all about labor,  and being entrenched in the day to day.

Where is the fun??  What's the purpose of this all?? 

You toil day and night, and I tell you for no reason. You get no points,  cuz just like your story points arent yours to make.

You are not the creator of points,  and you cannot make your own.

Sorry the truth is hard, but I warned you years ago. The truth is the hardest thing you'll ever do. You will have much help though. The few of you who are willing anyway. The rest will toil in vain. They will end up angry at the last too.

Why angry??  You wrongly think you deserve points.  So much help needed, and so many think they wrongly have reached the pinnacle already.

Anyhoooo,  sometimes my message is tough I know. The wilderness ain't no joke. 

That is it for today!!!   :)

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p.s.  work today than all of tomorrow off.  Yay.   :)

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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