Thursday, September 8, 2016

So This Is Actually 1699.

I had a couple drafts I didn't delete. Some days I wake up, right down some shit.  Realize that update is going nowhere quickly,  and delete it. I had a couple I didn't clean out from my drafts so.

Anyway as is typical I don't have anything to write about,  but we'll see. Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I came home and relaxed. Did a couple things around the house, and cooked dinner.

A day in the life.

There was a discussion going on at work about something or another. Christopher Columbus came up. The History of the US kinda starts with him.  If you grew up in that time in the same area as him you would think just like him.

Come across some *seemingly* uncivilized people who knows??  Back then it seems white people were colonizing, so that was a way to exploit. Throw some religion down to justify the actions. It really isn't about justifying either.  People blindly think what they do is good.

You are a product of your upbringing. Many read books, but all hold onto some BS that has been handed down.

Colonists drew up a piece of paper that all consider sacred writing. You hold onto that. Many hold onto flags and songs and other stupid shit.

500 years from now you will be considered just as much a jack ass as Christopher Columbus. You lived in a time where I don't know 8000 times more money is spent on ways to kill people instead of healing people.

None consider what the US war machine may reap if it sows in bombs and death.  If it is true you reap what you sow, than the World should not come as a shock.

People aren't perfect. Many may have guilt, cuz they jack off to porn, and update their FB on Sunday saying they went to Church.

All are held in slavery by the World.  So many goddam unwritten rules. No one ever really considered maybe it is a good thing to work while tripping on acid.  :)  j/k

Really though time shows our faults.  We live a short time, and we have no clue how the future looks. We walk blind our short time here.  We hang on to stupid shit that has been handed down,  because you are not stronger than the World.

What's it all mean??  It means we are Fucked our short time we live here. I suggested throw everything out. Just assume everything is wrong. It would do you good too, cuz everything is wrong. The World is not a good place.  There are no Saints.

This World is not going to be fixed. There is no path save one that even makes any sense.

I am not sure how to reach people though. The World dresses itself up pretty nicely. It tricks us all. I had a good set of eyes way back when that let me see through it. I also realized I was a product of who knows what.

I did what I said I would do. I stepped out of my upbringing and learning to look at the World objectively. It wasn't pretty. I saw through it, and saw life is pretty ugly.

The World is the wilderness. You just need a true set of eyes to see it.

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