Friday, September 23, 2016

The Struggle Continues.

Once again I struggle with this thing. My first thought is to blow this off.  That means I struggle with this.

I did think of some things before getting up though. I've been saying we are in the wilderness. That is what I call it, and that is what I see.

The Wilderness is the World undressed. It also is people undressed too so to speak. It is the ugly truth. There is no value in the World. There is little value in you,  because you are a part of this World, so you seek to make your mark in a World with no value.

I am guessing you don't see our dilemma. We are born here destined to seek value where there is none. All avenues in the wilderness lead nowhere.

I see this head on. I've lived it too,  and it was without doubt a horrible time. I cannot even explain it that great to you, cuz I am different than you, and was even back then.

My story has a basic plan. I see the end of the current version of me. I know that part. I just don't really know how the days look from here to there. So I live my simple life of work, eat,  sleep.

I am sure I piss people off along the way.

Part of the problem is people don't want the truth. The truth is pretty brutal. You are born in a World without value. Your heart is of this World so you are destined to seek out value where there is none. Making your mark in whatever.

You aren't perfect,  cuz none of us are.  So basically there is no formula that really works.

That is what the wilderness is. I found my way, and then lost it. Early on I was to go in the wilderness to see the true nature of this World,  the true nature of people,  and to learn my dilemma,  and everyone else's.

So my path sent me up to the judges. Twice. I overcame twice with a strength not of my own. My story is 3 times so I still have another to go.

As to you. I don't know your story. I assume you see the dilemma here in the wilderness. The dilemma is the value of your life.

I guess eventually you have to see the value of one coin. The one I speak of.

I assume it's scary so people may have to prop themselves up in some way, but I know the truth. I cannot be faked.

That too is a dilemma for me, cuz you cannot dress yourself up in Saints clothes.

Pretty scary stuff huh??  Or maybe not. I really have no clue what people are seeing.

One thing I can tell you is life sure is a Web. One we all get caught in. You are known though,  and so is your Web. There is a way out, and it is good. You'll like it eventually.  You first gotta deal with the truth.

I guess that is why we are in the wilderness.  We see there is no value in anything.


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