Thursday, April 28, 2016

Up Early.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I finished another day, and everything is still the same with me. Yesterday I worked. Did some shit when I got home, and made myself dinner. I was going to make a meal for two, but Lisa went out with her daughter. Hope, and I hung out, and then I went to bed. A never ending string of days tied together.

I am approaching 50, and I pretty much have the responsibilities of a 20 year old. Minus a fuck ton if life to learn about and zero percent worries about what the fuck to do with my life. I have zero concern for the future, even if it is bad.

Some day I'll die which does not concern me at all. I do have one thing to do at some point, but it dies not concern me. I know that will be pretty bad, but then I will be the best a person can be. Then I'll have even less concern is my guess, although I suspect I will become concerned with people more as I will have lived their end. I will have a new vessel that can carry what will fill me. My current one is unable. It will be a new me.

How do other people live??  I have no idea. I know how people's insides are, and I know they are not like mine. I imagine people have stress, but I don't know of what. Life us hard. There are bills to pay, futures to worry about. There are unwritten rules now that 200 years ago were not here.

After WWII the US rebuilt Western Europe, and our Economy could provide single income family units. Your Grandpas and Grandmas probably lived retired for decade(s). Times have changed since then. Competition got crushed, and Conglomerates took over much like the times of TR. Of course no one is so strong to stand up to big business, cuz the news outlets are big Conglomerates too.

The World you think you know is a disaster. The World is fueled by money, and no one ever thought if that may just be completely ridiculous. There are systems in place kinda to have some type of order, but your World makes you hide. No one is so strong to stand up to their judgement. So you hide. Typically you want to let people know you live the fairy tale life, but I know better. I know how life was before how I am now.

It's fricken hard. In our heads society painted a picture of how we are "supposed" to be. How are lives "should" look. Of course we all follow that. I did too sorta, until life pulled me in another direction. My eyes questioned things. Life happened. I always thought I was a pretty decent guy, but there is no way I was the best a person can be. So I tried to be. Talk about an exercise in futility.

Most important to me back when was to be a good person. Who knew this took so long??  I had no clue, but there were things I had to do. I had to suffer some to learn. With help I had to overcome two trials. I've gone through many things invisible to all eyes but mine. I know quite a bit about the invisible side of life. The things inside you that make you not the best a person can be.

Even if you get rid of your demons there still just remains you. Guess what??  This person is not the best a person can be either.  My demons are gone from me, but perfection I still am not. I am a strange hybrid of something you won't read in any book. I am different from you, and I stand alone. I am not the finished product though. That comes at a later date. I have no idea what goes through your mind. I just know your life isn't perfect. That's impossible at this stage.

Anyhoo, I guess that's good.

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p.s. Gonna take the Hopester. Driving to work today too.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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