Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Am So Inappropriate.

Hello. You may have noticed I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't felt like it. I had nothing to say really. I turn off my early alarm, and happily sleep til my late alarm. No biggie to me. I thought of doing the same today, but I guess I am done sleeping.

Yesterday was just a horrible weather day. I rode home in like 45° rain with plenty of crappy wind. It is May so you can expect anything from 40°-70°. I just am more inclined to want the 70° days.

So what has been going on with me??  Things have changed. I used to open up FB in the morning, but these days I am not interested. I don't particularly want to see what people have to say, and I gather cuz people have not much to say. Not even checking if anyone blogs. Not really interested. That's a change.

I would consider that to be a significant turn.

I guess life goes on. We continue to pile on the days that have ended. We continue on a crash course headed for our death. The one thing we will not escape. It just so happens that pretty much all the stuff that happens before we die is trivial. A human considers much to be important and significant, but the World dresses things up like that. Meanwhile people hide behind all the pageantry of life cuz inside us all lies imperfection. Society will accept you, as long as you hide everything. I am accepted elsewhere cuz I hide nothing.

I don't tell you everything cuz people have treacherous and judging hearts, but people generally seem to like honesty better than Bullshit. Just not their own.

Fear will doom you. Hiding your coin in the ground due to fear is how many perish. This is some serious shit we are doing, and you receive a failing grade.

The truth of life is not a happy song. It is a sad song, but some days can be filled with laughter. If you wanna go in with your day to day that means absolutely nothing, than you miss out on the best part of life.

I cannot help you with that either. Either you want to be someone, or just continue down the same path the multitudes have always followed.

Guess I'll take the Hopester now. Kinda been battling a left knee right hip thing. Not from racking up too many mikes either. Feels okay today though.


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