Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tomatoes Typically Are Round Shaped, and Other Phenomenon.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??   Me, I am doing fine. My early alarm went off, and I was in a coma. I was surprised. I got enough sleep last night. I thought about sleeping more, but got up instead.

Yesterday was just a pretty normal day. I worked,  and came home, and did a bit of yard work. Mostly just used a dandelion tool to uproot a bunch of dandelions. I think I want to do a little something each day. I am adding a bigger section of mulch in the back yard. Just more area to put plants, and more area to not have to cut.  :)

Lisa had her guy fix our truck. Sheesh. It is really fixed. 1000% better. He's also going to do our car, and for probably 60-70% cheaper than the shop we used to go to. Nice having a guy with no overhead.

That was my day. Lisa's brother cooked burgers on the grill, and then I slept. Today I have to cut the grass, and a little bit more to the yard. We lucked out with our vehicles. I wasn't really too stressed,  cuz part of the magic of me is whatever will be will be.

That is crazy speak too, I know,  but at my stage you have no clue how crazy everything really is. How crazy things can be I should say. After the eye of the needle everything is different. As with me too, there was no blueprint. No one for me to look too, and guidance was nowhere near really. There was the time way back when where a lot happened. The energy came back, and I had ~ 2 decades to live a normal'ish life. Then things started up, and the Spiritual World was open again always. For a time much was scary, and much was sad, but eventually I overcame with help the 2nd time, and the rest is history.

Those who may have been around a bit know I don't always know how these days will look. I thought twice I was on my way to do the final thing of the current version of me, but I wasn't. The turn none could make.

So still I remain alone, and anymore it is anyone's guess what the days will look like. I bike almost every day still, and run short when I wake up in time.  My knee often does not feel like it wants to do more than short, and I am cool with it.

Other than that just living out my days. I guess half my life I live out my days knowing I have more to do. For over two decades I've known my path,  and where I end, and the new me begins. I never knew the story was like this. The World teaches us everything is easy. The story is more about time than labor. I imagine things are pretty easy on the other side. Something is important I guess in keeping an enduring heart.

I take no credit in anything really, cuz I am not who I once was. I am someone who has reached a stage they never taught you in any writing.

Who knew??  The answer to that is no one in a long time. The answer was lost and hidden for Centuries. Pretty nuts huh?? 

Pretty ridiculous what humans turn religion into huh??  It isn't really their fault. No one is there to teach them any better. I think maybe before I was mad at their silliness, but now I guess it's sad kinda.  They have no idea where they stand. How do you overcome your lot when you are so entrenched?

The answer is pretty simple.  Few will, and that sucks too.


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p.s. time to take the monster/Hopester.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxo

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