Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Day That Was.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing fine. Yesterday I had another day. It was different than other days, but not by much. I slept in, worked. I listened to the Sox game, and cooked dinner. Had a little wine. Not as much as I normally do on a Saturday. Wasn't really feeling it. I ate some ice cream, and went to bed.

Pretty interesting huh?? 

Now is the time I go on a bit more although I have nothing on my mind really. I have to work in a bit. I'll take the Hopester before though. 

Life goes on, and can you imagine walking in my shoes that summer way long ago. The most important thing to me was to find my way. I walked and walked and walked. I was judged constantly as the worst of the worst was doing quite the number on me. You cannot currently be judged as I was back then. The spiritual World was alive to me as I already went through the eye of the needle.

Out of the blue though this kid who lived a pretty normal imperfect life got the whole World thrown at him. I saw the way of the multitudes. I saw how wrong everything is. I saw no true teachers, but all false teachers, cuz I am the only one who knows the truth.

Being judged rather harshly meant I wanted no more of it. Teachers are judged more harshly, than count me out.

You see my story is not of my making. Talk about walking blind??  Sheesh. I would never have put myself in the positions I was thrown in. No way. Too scary.

Anyway I have become what I wanted least. You may wonder how someone as imperfect as me can have the confidence to do as I do.

The truth leads you in that way. I cannot be perfect as I am now. I have something to do before I become the best a person can be. Before I am turned into the best a person can be I should say.

You and I are in the same boat. Not perfect,  I know the truth though, and I gather many assume they are good enough.

Humans are a nutty people, cuz the truth is scary, and they don't want to accept it. They don't want to face it.

This World is wrong and our deeds amount to zero points, and maybe negative points for some. Those who have been given good information yet continue to trust in their own understanding probably acquire negative points. Why??  Cuz few have been given good information. It's been Centuries. Who knew there would be a story, and it would get lost.

The story was spiritual, and humans cannot relate to that. No understanding. So I had to be changed, and become what I never wanted. I am confident and assured now though, cuz my work is done. I am accepted, and the rest will be done for me. I cannot possibly take myself to where I must go.

You on the other hand are dealing with life. You do so with a heart that isn't content. You do so without security either cuz that is how life is. A human always strives for wind, cuz their hearts are wrong.

You don't even know it. Perfection is out of your control. There are no sacrifices for you to make, and no labor. The answers have been given to you, but you are like the multitudes. You hardened your heart. Faith is strength, cuz the truth is harsh before it is your friend.

You haven't gone so far that you cannot be helped. The story was always about forgiveness, not about how great you are.


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