Friday, May 20, 2016

My Head Is Empty.

Who knows where this will go. As happens frequently I pretty much have nothing on my mind.

Yesterday I had another day. I ended up picking up our truck, and brought it to a transmission place. Some local company that has been around for a million years. The truck isn't worth much so we will not put a million bucks into it. We'll see today.

I was glad I did that. I was going to wait til Monday, but I passed the transmission place, and stopped in. He said they could look at it today so I picked up the truck, and brought it in.

That was the extent of my day. We ran out to a local restaurant near us, and had a quick dinner.

Another day down the drain. What do you make of it?  A never ending string of days. What's the purpose you think?? Atoms and molecules came together to create this mass, and people and animals were brought about to basically kill each other and eat each other?

Papers were created, and diplomas. Humans made up halls of fame. Coins and currencies were created. A short time we stand on this Earth. We keep busy at various things. Words like honor were created, and honor comes in dubious flavors. Words like virtue have been around, but who has any? 

Important things in life are you will not escape the grave. It is where we are all headed. What does that mean??  Why does the World dress itself up as this great thing when we are all headed to a not so good end?  

What is the point?? 

There are some things outside of your control. Death is one. You will not cheat it of its day. Your heart you cannot control either. If you could it sure would be a lot better than what it is. How you feel on the inside is out of your control. We sure would always make sure we were in the bestest mood all the time. 

So your stuck on this Earth and in this life. The days waste away. One after another.  What's the point? 

People accept all kindsa stuff as their truth I guess, but they never really look down the whole road. People talk of 5 and 10 year plans,  and when you die all your activities die with you. If you are in a hall of fame of some sort you will not care in your grave.

The thing about humans is they trust their heart. They trust their intellect. What if those things are overpowered by something that does not have your best interest at heart? 

There is a thing I call the best a person can be. Something we all fall short of. If that is the case than why even life??  

The answer is pretty surprising when you get as far as I am. The answer is no reason really. For the multitudes it would have been better if they weren't born. You have been born here though. You were born with no answers. Most think they found the answers somewhere along the way, but they haven't. I know this cuz I found the answer and the way. Your knowledge falls short.

I know that too cuz, well that is a long story. I had to go through a lot to where I am at. I had to go to where comic book understanding was not anywhere near.

I faced judgement, and my end. I was saved twice from the hands of the judges. The third time is for real. There will be no more comic book understanding in me. I am afraid it is all real at that point.

There will be some on my side, but not many. Those who chose the World will not be with me.

I don't have those answers either. We'll see I guess.

Life is a nutty thing, but outside of comic book understanding it is some serious shit.

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p.s. today should be a good day. 

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