Saturday, May 28, 2016

Another Day Down.

Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am doing good. I've been up a while just putzing.  I don't really have anything to blog about, but whatever. I didn't do much yesterday. Worked, defrosted our freezer, and that was about it. I think I ran every day this week, and my knee is not happy.

I work today, and do that quick turnaround work at 3:00 AM. Covering a vacation. I'll have the rest of Sunday off, and all of Monday.  That's about as close to a full weekend I get. Looking forward to it too. Don't really have anything planned.

Anyhoo that's about it for me. Life goes on. Some things do baffle me. My life went pretty crazy after I graduated College. All alone in the World really finding my way. I had so much happen, and I found my way. To see things so clearly now is kinda nuts, cuz what can I tell you??  You are a product of this World as all the multitudes before you. You believe in this World, and you wrongly believe this World is great, and so are the people.   It's easier that way right??

I was thinking earlier this week why is it so hard??  You don't get any of the good stuff if you don't take the proper steps. Your hearts stay hard, and I am afraid who you are now is as good as it gets. Your bad stuff will hide in the shadows, because no one is courageous enough to live in the light.

Your time is right now. This is your life, and you are totally accountable for you. Unknowingly I took the right steps, and I was given good vision of me. This good vision showed me I deserve the thief's end. Personally that scared the crap out of me. This perfect person I wanted to be was out of reach.

So I overcame myself, repented, and went through the eye of the needle. I have become this mostly spirit hybrid that is no way like you. I've suffered much in hidden where only I, and the author of my story knew about. I am afraid you reject me, and my story who you really are rejecting is ... well you know.

My story is about forgiveness, not perfection.  Perfection is out of reach for now. It is also about strength, because my whole story up to this point is to walk in the light unashamed of my imperfections. Walking as ignorantly as Adam before the fall.

Now, where is it you are getting your points from??  In my book I say you are being shut out. Some probably sitting at negative points. 

At this stage you have done nothing. Your sacrifices are in vain, and the story has passed you by.

This blog is tough to read I know. If I am right than you are wrong. That means to this point you built your foundation in the sand, and how do you give it up?

Scary huh??  Yeah, well I dealt with that over 2 decades ago. Much of it took place in like a year. When life hit I didn't FUCK around.

How many years has just this blog gone on??  You people are running in place. You aren't getting better just older. You aren't getting stronger just hiding like you've always done.

Oh Well, I'll take the Hopester for a walk.

Laterzzzzzz.    :)

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