Thursday, April 14, 2016


Hello, and good morning. How's it going??  Me, I am okay. I have pretty much nothing on my mind so we will see where this goes. Yesterday I got a haircut. It was a month overdue. I've been wearing a hat 100% of the time, so I just let it go. We are in for a warm up so hat wearing season appears over.

I came home, and planned to hang outside with Hope, but it was cold so I came in and watched a movie. I made dinner, and that was it.

I really don't have anything important on my mind. Life goes on. Day after day. These days continue to come, and go, until one day we die.

Is there a point to this??  What happens if we aren't good enough??  What do we do about that??  I can tell you some scary things about life, but you can't see them. I cannot take you to that place where your heart realizes the seriousness of life. My heart is constantly aware of it, but it doesn't scare me anymore. Most people I realize never graduate out of the lives we were born in.

I did, and I did it a long time ago. My story is two-fold. What happened a couple decades ago, and my blogs the past several years. I've been through some scary things, and now I am not scared. Sometimes I am mystified at how slow this thing moves.

I don't really get people, and they surely don't get me. We are sitting on two different sides kinda, and it is impossible to come on my side except for one thing.

Tough things are asked of you.  The story really is this:  as of now you are the maker of your story, and that is not your purpose. Your purpose is something else, but you gotta give up your story/coin cuz there is a better one.

You get very little help in this, cuz you gotta overcome your own heart, and that ain't easy. You have me on the other side telling you it is okay. Come on it is good. You cannot realize it now, but you will after.

That is your predicament, and few had someone like me.  It really should come down to you looking at yourself. That is the best a person can be??  Some will sacrifice all kindsa shit and labor for hours on end. Really the true way is having it get done for you. The true way teaches us how horrible and worthless we really are.

You are a slave to your body and your thoughts. Not able to be perfect in any stretch. I am not either, but I am on that path. You just are living the life the multitudes have done forever, and you have confidence kinda cuz you trust your "group" of like minded individuals, but life is just you. You die, and you are held accountable to you.

You'll bring no birth certificates or marriage licenses, cuz those papers die with you.

Life is a trap, and most don't even realize they are snared.  I do realize where people stand cuz my story involves me learning these things. I am supposed to help others follow along, but so far it's not going that great. It isn't my fault though.

That is it for today!!!   :)

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p.s. Time for me to take the Hopester.  Also excited about the warm up.

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Extras of these xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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