Saturday, October 4, 2014

Early Morning With A Coffee...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  It is early morning.  I am up and well rested.  I will be taking Hope for a run, and my coffee is done.  I will brb. 

Okay, sorry to keep you waiting.  Anyway, I didn't really do a lot yesterday on my day off.   I was kinda having a rainy day, whilst it was raining outside.   :)  You damn ENGLISH are always making up words.   WHILST.   come on. 

Anyhoooo, I got a lot of my to do list done.  I was dreading it, because it mainly was paying bills.   We didn't have as much money as I thought in our account, but we got 'er done.  :)  yay.  Power is still on, cable is still on, phones are still on, and gas is still on.   :)   HAHA

I did go back and read my blog from way back when.   Like 2011.  It wasn't horrible, and sometimes I think my blog is horrible, and people hate me, and I am the worst, but I have been saying things for a long time.   They have been the same things. 

You wanna know what I think??   I am here for a purpose.   I am supposed to do some stuff.   I am supposed to help you go through your own journey like I went through mine.  I am waiting to do it, and I want to do it, but you don't.   You are procrastinating.  You are looking every which way, but the right one, because you are afraid, and scared, and you don't have the courage. 

It isn't like I haven't told you how to do it.   It isn't like I haven't told you how to get strength, and how to just trust, but still you hold on, and hold on, and hold on to the World.   Seeking out things that matter none. 

I warned you it was hard.   I told you to trust.   I said there are many hard things to do.  Year after year after year I have been doing this, and year after year after year you have been running in place.   You haven't gone one step, and MAN, I sure hope by now you can see you are going nowhere, and going nowhere fast.  You haven't changed, your life hasn't changed, and you are no better than when we started. 

What can I do??  Not much. 

In a big big World out there, I see there are no people with courage.   The World is a bad place with bad people, and bad information.  You try, and you hope to find a way to be a good person, but you are not.  

You look for trophies from people by showing them the sacrifices you make that mean nothing.  

So yeah, I am mean, because I speak the truth.  I am mean, because if it is a pedestal you want to stand on, I will take it down.  

I have taught you things that came to me with help.  Things like one coin.   The parable of the old lady and the coin, and what these things mean.  People don't get this information just willy nilly.   It came at a price, and the price was my life, and my struggles, and my journey, and everything I had to go through. 

Instead of looking at your inner demons though, you would rather show how you are overpowered by the falseness of fake and fabulous deceitful ways.  You are not an angel, and you are not a Saint.   Your heart is not perfect, and your ways are not great.  

I don't know how often I will blog, because my schedule isn't great for it, and I actually have to turn on my laptop to blog, and I don't do it that often.  :) 

Anyhooooo, today like I said I am going to finish my coffee.   I will take the Hopester for a run, and then I get to work.   I am up early, so I will work early, and get it done, before I go to the other job. 

It should be a good weekend though.   I have a lot to do, so that is always good.   I am kinda excited about getting my legs a bit fatigued with a run. 

For me life is about the little things, and on a day when I feel like this, that is a good thing. 

Anyhoooodles, I was just touching base. 

Laterzzzzz Gaterzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.   :) 


MWAH!!!     :))

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