Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Tale Of Two People...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I am pretty beat up from work, and running two days in a row.   Yesterday I went for a 5 miler, and that is my longest run in quite a bit.  I thought of running today, but I am off tomorrow, and I will probably go again tomorrow.  I tell you one thing, I was really motivated yesterday on my run.   5 miles with no stops, except when Hope had to take a crap.  My pace was like 9:10, so that is a pretty normal pace for me when in shape being about 15 lbs. higher.  I am not in shape, and I think a couple good weeks of running, and my easy paces should probably fall into the 8:00's pretty easily.  I am just going from past experience. 

Anyway, I know some things, and it is plain as day to me.   Easy for me to see, and then I look at what you are looking at, and what you are seeing, and we are not on the same page at all. I have done this so long, and the message is pretty much always the same, but we are totally disconnected.   You don't get me, and you cannot walk in my shoes.   You are nowhere near inside my shoes, and the shoes you wear aren't taking you anywhere. 

It is why I kinda am standing on the sidelines, because I cannot do anything.   I cannot help you in your life's journey.   I try to tell you what is important, but to you your life and everything about you is important.  In order for you to see things different I am pretty sure the puller of the strings of life has to take an active role. 

I can tell you some harsh truths, but I am kinda tired of it you know??   I know what life is about, and I know things, that no one wants to hear.  What use are these things if no one listens?  The wait is obviously a waiting game, and as this year suggests it was harder than normal for me this year.   I want and expect more from a lot of you, but it is nowhere near you.   You have your life, and all the things you've always believed, and I know a lot of the things inside you.   I've known some of you pretty darn good, and I know for some there are internal struggles.  

At some point I think you people seeked out some type of heaven on Earth type existence, and it isn't here.   This is a bad place, with bad things done every day.   We can dress ourselves up in the prettiest of clothes, and have the most politically correct status updates or whatever, but there is no getting around you, and what is inside you. 

Kinda what I hinted about in my past update is there are no points for the races we train for, and if you go on down the line, there is no points for all the activities one does in relation to this.   Many people it is there whole life, and no points come from it.   Doesn't seem fair does it??   Some people work very very hard, and do all kindsa things related to this hobby/semi-profession.   On the Final day you will bring none of that. 

It is why you can see people kinda turning.  Questioning things.  Is there more??   Is there something more important??  

Lives are tied up in various ways.   People are ensnared, and there is only one way out, but we trust sponsorship money, and we wouldn't want to give that up.   We trust the money we make to keep us safe.   Anne Frank's Dad made a pretty good living at one time I believe.  

The battle is the little voice inside you that really really wants to be good, and your selfish nature.   One side has to win, and it isn't.   It is getting creamed in the race of life for many of you. 

What can I do?? 

Not much.   :)

I still love some of you though.   :)  



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