Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The World, This Life, and Everything.

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going?? Me, I guess I am doing okay.  I have a big day of relaxing planned until I start work at 5:00.  I do two jobs today, but from the same employer.  Tomorrow I do 3 jobs from 2 different employers.   Fun Fun.  :)

Anyway what is going on with me??  Not much.   I have a flute, and I play sad tunes with it.  It is this blog.  The crazy story of me is really really nutty.   You are expected to believe that little old me found his way, and I am a teacher of the truth in a World full of false teachers. 

Why would you believe me?? For one I told you what the sword is I guess, and what it is worth without understanding.   I've used the sword sparingly for this reason.  I don't play a part of any sort.   You won't catch me wearing a suit to look good for the crowd, or you won't catch me wearing a silly costume to stand out from the crowd.  As a matter of fact I am not even a part of any crowd. 

You have this blog here, and it has been around a long time. 

You would think it is worth something huh??  It isn't really, because our lives really aren't worth anything.   A big whole World out there, and you would think there would be something worthwhile huh?? 

There were those 6 days way back when that in one instant changed my life forever.  Nothing was the same again.  I wasn't the same, and I got slapped across the face with the truth of life.   No warning or nothing, just suffering.  No one to tell, and no one to share it with.  

This guy here was set aside for a solo journey.  Am I the only one??  Those were questions that kinda went through my mind, and I didn't need to know the answers probably, and not sure if I even cared.  It is my job to do some things in this life, and I have done them.   I followed this path of life, and really just did what came my way.   In spite of myself stuff got done I guess.  Who am I really to be of any significance??  No one. 

My life has been used for a purpose though.   Not of my choosing, and not of my plan.  It just happens I went and did other stuff too.  Anyways I sit in this great spot now.   I have great promises, and I have been given strength, and what once was my biggest weakness probably is now my greatest strength.  I am solo.   I am tied to no one, and I need no one. 

People need a lot of help, and I cannot really give it.   I am standing on point B, and have been for a while, and you are standing on point A, and cannot make the leap. 

A lot needs to be done, and it isn't me who can do anything really.   You have a lot to figure out, and you are nowhere near figuring it out.   You are tied to this World, and tied to your lives.   In no way free to be who you are, because freedom is nowhere to be found.   You have to live up to certain Societal obligations. 

Anyway I am approaching 50, and the thing I keep thinking is life is pretty gross.   How are our eyes so clouded from the truth to think the existence of us is anything but??  The human is one gross creature.  How could we not think otherwise??  

In a life of zero points how is one to get some??  Not within your power.   All the things that need to be done cannot be done by you.  Probably the best lie the World ever told was saying we were special.   Unique, and these kinds of things.   The truth is far from that.   We are not special.   We are not deserving of anything.   All the effort you put into whatever doesn't mean much. 

It is a silly silly life, and it isn't important.   Even mine is really silly.   It just happens I've been singled out to do important stuff.  Not a big deal.   I know the worth of me without the things I have done.   Nothing.   I guess the World never lured me, because just the way my life played out I guess.  

Anyhooooodles.   I have a big day of relaxing like I said.   A big 3 day stretch of work, so I will need my zzzzzzzs.   :)


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