Monday, October 20, 2014

The Crazy Story Of This Here Person... Me. :)

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going?? Me, I am doing pretty good.   I have a meeting to figure out some type of screwy work schedule for me.   I was supposed to do one job 5 days/week, but they never found a replacement for the other jobs I do, so now I will be doing 6 jobs at 5 different places 5 days/week.   So we have to figure some kind of screwy schedule.  

Anyway I have a crazy story, and it is the crazy story of me.   It is how I see things different.   This happened quite a long time ago mind you, but this would have been after the turn I made, and other than that I cannot recall the timing of it, but I was just laying in my bed downstairs in the house I lived in Normal,IL.   This was probably the time I was alone with Katrina, and I split up for good, and the two deaths I dealt with, because I already made the turn. 

Anyway to answer the question what kind of mushrooms I have with my cereal or whatever, as I was just laying in my bed a vision overtook me.   I was going through a tunnel thing, and it kept getting narrower and narrower.   I saw a light, and it was like an eye of a needle.  Very narrow, and I went through it.   I had no idea what it meant at the time, but I remember putting my arms around myself thinking, gosh I feel like such a kid. 

I later went through some ordeals to make me realize what was going on, and what had happened.   I was made into a new person.   It was that thing there that made me mostly spirit. 

Since this is the crazy story of me I will go farther.   I was reading a book.  It was a pretty good selling book from some psychiatrist or something, and bam.   I have this burning area in my neck.   From this little burning thing in my neck were shot thought arrows, which told me I was evil.   I was going to be the antichrist, and all this kinda crap.  For 6 days this went on.   I prayed constantly to let me die.   I don't want to be evil, and I don't ever ever want to ever have been born.   Please make it be so I was never born before.   On and on and on.  6 days, no sleep, and not much eating, just the worst of the worst living inside me persecuting me.  

When he left, I was broken, and beat like no ever time before in my life.   I was picked up ever so gently.  I saw an older guy walking toward me, and he asked me for money.   I had like $21 in my wallet, and I gave him the $20.  That story has been told, but I knew exactly what happened in that transaction.   Be kind unto strangers, because many have entertained angels unaware.   I knew that this is what happened, because I was let known it was. 

Also while walking I always always always saw the birds in the trees.  Sitting at the top, and I remembered the parable.  At one other time the spirit part of me was full.   I had no fears, and I could do anything.   I was always happy, and I didn't have a care in the World.  I could read the Bible, and know most of what it said.  My eyes were opened to see the sword for how it is. 

That lasted a very very short time.   Me being full in spirit was taken away, and I was terrified.   I don't want to let the worst of the worst in me again, and I was vulnerable to this.   My greatest fear happened, and the worst of the worst was in me again, and BAM taken out like that.  

I learned a lesson.   The worst of the worst is powerless.  My path was really him being allowed to wreak havoc in me.   On and on and on and on many things transpired.   The Summer of my discontent many many many more things happened, and it is pretty well documented, so I won't go into it, but as to the mushrooms I eat, it is me being mostly spirit.   I see things different, and I have been this way for decades.   Most of this was hidden for all these decades, but at some point I think during the Journey it all opened up.   The whole story of me was opened up. 

My story is I have to bang the worst of the worst on the head 3 times, and then Katrina and I can hug.  It was another vision I had decades ago, and it means I have to overcome 3 times.   I have overcome twice, and the last one is a doozy.   I have to follow along in the footsteps the one who overcame centuries ago.  I have to go where he once went, and then I will be made into the best of the best, because it will no longer be me living.   I will be perfect, and filled with that which is perfect.  

To overcome I must be judged, and sentenced to Hell, and go where there is no hope.   I will have the one who overcame with me, and it will be the only way I will survive. 

I've known these things for decades.   As I was let known outside the garbage room at Bromenn Healthcare the reason my path just turned impossibly hard.   It was to save more lives.   Not that I do anything mind you.   It is all done for me, but my life is such a way that it leads people in the right way.  

It is what this blog does too.   Life is in this blog here.   It is where you will find it, and the answers are here, because my whole life is for this.   It is why I am here, and this is what I do.  

I don't do it for any accolades or anything like that.  My heart is made to do what it does, and it just so happens the controller of my heart has some stuff he wants to teach you.   I am a vessel used to finish out the story that was started centuries ago.  

My goal was always understanding, and it just so happens I had a lot of years, and a lot of stuff to do to get that.   With understanding comes everything.   All I ever wanted, also with understanding comes the knowledge of what the heck 666 means.  

Let him who hath understanding...

so in things pertaining to the stories told centuries ago I am sorta been singled out to do some important stuff.  

As my journey tells you, and everything about me tells you it isn't because I am perfect, or I deserve anything.   It is just cuz.   It is my story, and it is my job to do these things, and it is my job to do this blog to help people on the way.  

Like I said though I really don't do anything.  It is done for me.  

That is it for today!!!    :)

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