Tuesday, August 27, 2013

All In A Day...

Well, yesterday was a pretty good day, AND then...

I saw a post to the Letter to the Editor in our local newspaper.  Typical stuff.  Rich people treating poorer people horribly.  How dare people who don't have enough money to live on Lake Michigan want to see the Lake from the South Side of Holland.  That is off limits.  We are an exclusive community here.   Yep, if those people wanted to go to see Lake Michigan they would have to drive the 10 miles to get to the other side of Lake Macatawa.  Holland is a city built by Angry White Men who came from Europe.  Parts of them still are alive, and only a small misguided amount try to carry on their ancestors traditions of hate, and misguided arrogance. 

Anyhoo, that is the reason I don't read the newspaper, or watch the news.   I see nothing but hate, and crap out there.  Now I see we may be going down a scary path the Syria way.    One where Syria has friends in powerful places.  

The World is full of anger, and man killing is the way of the World.  Always has been.  What sense can you make of it??  Why must we kill people?? 

I know where the anger comes from.   Bad teaching, and bad beliefs, and life just not being what I expected.  I mean Hitler found a scape goat for his anger and misery, and was able to transform that to a bad time for the World. 

You want to escape it all, but there really are no answers to living with the plants and nature and stuff.  So what do you do??   You keep your eyes open, and you keep your heart open.  There are answers and meaning to your life, but you gotta be open.   Don't close yourself, and don't be afraid to doubt everything you have ever been taught.  

You know what that life really seems to be about Centuries ago.  You know what he came to really do it seems.   Unteach the World everything it ever knew.  Remember how I said God had a dark side??  Well if we do too, and we get angry and are filled with hate toward people, then Noah and the Ark makes sense right??

I mean even he said "Jacob I loved, and Esau I hated right?"  One came who had no darkness, and he was all light.  He had understanding, and he could see the people's end.  The totality of their life.  He brought along some disciples, and they held onto nothing.  Followed him to see where it leads. 

It led to a death, and a victory over darkness.  All the darkness will go away.   After death did they stop??   The little secret that is hidden.  Nope they followed along after.  They had their own journeys to go, and we don't know much about that do we?? 

I too am asked to follow along.  How much of my journey was based on fear??  A lot.  I don't know why I had to go on such a long and horribly scary journey of me.  Can you imagine going on and on with the understanding of being doomed to Hades every day.  Thinking about it every second of every day.  Being judged every second of every day, and knowing you are a pile of dung.  Worthless.  You are nothing of value, and what kept me going?? 

Hope, that, well I am still alive.  At this point in time realize I was trapped in the jaws of life.  There was no way out.  No one to help me.  I couldn't talk to anyone, because I was led on a journey of craziness.  It was part of the plan.  My stuff all had to be solo.   I had no support whatsoever.  None.   I couldn't wake up, and say I matter, because of this.  

Maybe that is what my blog does.  Maybe sometimes people feel so low, and so bad, and there is nowhere to turn, but you can read this, and know you are important.   There may be nothing good in this World, and our lives sure are pretty dumb, but you are important here huh?? 

So this is a crazy thing we do here.   I am sorry I have to bring such hard news to you, but I have lived it the better part of 23 years give or take.  I really don't do anything of value either mind you.  I have no sense of where what I write goes.  It must be part of the plan, and you read into it what you need.  

I don't know it seems this blog is yin and yang to me.  Good and bad, good and bad, and the only reason it is of some value is from what I received right prior to going into the hospital.   We cannot do anything without a blessing, and without love you get no points, and the greatest gift is love.

Life has so much to it, and you never know when the World may make a turn.   A turn where all Hell breaks loose, and you wonder if you'll end like Anne Frank.   You never know.  We are not to make Heaven on Earth here.  We are to seek answers, and open our hearts, because they need to be filled with the good stuff.   Whenever we close ourselves we make ourselves worse people.

So stay strong as always.  Trust in your Journey, and trust trust trust.  Many fall away, because their life is too important and they are too important, but  keep going. 

That is it for today!!!    :)

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Hope Everyone has a Great and Awesome Day!!!    :)

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Love You All!!!    :)))

p.s.  Kinda been dealing with a heel injury, so I will probably try to run tomorrow.   Go figure huh??    :)

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