Sunday, August 3, 2014

Life, The Thing With All These Avenues That All Lead To A Dead End...

Hello, and good afternoon all.  How's it going??  How's life going for you??  Everything you thought it would be??  Have you nailed it??  Gone down all the right paths, and just enjoying the rest of your self actualization??  Nothing to accomplish, nothing to work on, and just enjoying your happily ever after??

Yeah, that is what I thought. 

Somewhere in our hearts is this gap from the truth, and what we think.  We think we can do stuff to make things better.   Work at this, work at that./  Make a sacrifice here, and a sacrifice there.   Maybe kill these people, that should make us feel better.  What the Hell is wrong with us??

For one we are humans.  We are so fucking fabulous we don't realize how pathetic we really are.   We scream from the top of our lungs words like freedom, but it is nowhere near.  Life is a hard thing.  It is full of failure, and we are the reason for a lot of it.  Cannot understand it though.  As fucking fabulous as we are it seems we should be able to nail something.

The greatest and most successful lie in the World is the one we tell ourselves daily.   I am good.   I can accomplish this thing here, which totally is a redeeming type thing to accomplish.   Yeah, I suck at this, but look at this redeeming thing here.

Well what if all the redeeming stuff we do only looks good in the eyes of those as imperfect as us??  What if there is one with vision much better than ours, and sees all the shit "real" people don't see.  Then what??

Is that for other people to worry about, because you don't have to look at it?? In our eyes the worth of us is Grand.   The reality of life is our worth is one coin.   Now there are different types of coins.   If the tax man comes you can give Caesar that coin.  It is probably made of gold or silver.   Those should be rendered unto Caesar.  The other one.   The one I speak of should be rendered elsewhere just as it is written.   It isn't yours.  It was never yours to keep.  A test of life that the multitudes have failed.

What the Fuck else you doing with it??

Sooo why everyone else was notching out some type of life of failure and misery I listened to my calling.  I took the right steps,  and went in the direction set out for me.   I learned the ways of the World, and I found the one true path.   A path that is not mine, and my "job" is to teach this stuff.   Me??  Who the Heck am I to be able to do this stuff??  No one.   I am a nobody destined for nothing great.  That is my life, and that is what I am worth.  It was how it was always going to be.   I was just set aside for something different than the direction my life would have otherwise taken.

It just so happens I was set aside to yell out from the Wilderness these things that no one would listen to, and no one would believe, because that is and always will be the way of the World.   If one would take a true look at themselves, and a true look at their life, they may just read this blog and relate.

Can you throw the crap out inside you that makes you think you are all that??

It is where the truth leads.

Anyways I gotta go.  I am going to finish my coffee, and then I have to work job #1.  I got all the extra stuff done yesterday, so it shouldn't be too bad.  The best thing about my life I guess is I never feel like I am missing out.  There is nothing I need to accomplish, and I am just living out the rest of my self actualization filled days.   :)

xoxoxoxoxo.    :)))



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