Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Life Is Pretty Strange...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  I have been thinking about a lot of stuff this morning.  I thought about just tweeting some shit, but figured I'd write stuff here. 

Life is strange like I said.  I have been up a while.  Laundry is done, folded, and put away.  Last batch in the dryer.  Dishes are clean.  I went grocery shopping, and dinner is cooking in the crock pot.  That has been done a while ago.   I don't have shit to do the rest of the day.  I work in 14 hours. 

Anyway it comes down to a dang bunny again.  Not like the cute Milo, but his shitty son.  Not a great personality, and never was much of a family pet really, but he is 10.  His neck is bent, and Lisa told me that is a thing, so his last day is today.   10 years with this shit head.  I fed him once in a while, but no personality, so he never wanted to be petted or anything.  That little fucker dying today makes me sad. 

I thought about life a lot.   Our hearts are weird huh??  I feel bad for this shitty rabbit, but I still haven't talked to my Dad, and my Uncle will be dying some time from Lou Gehrig's disease.  I don't have many thoughts about that, but as I write it now I think about it. 

I think that is pretty fucked up in a way.  A suffering rabbit.  Why do I give a shit more about that in my heart than other shit??  Are all people like this??  With people many times we don't give a fuck?? 

So much of our life is centered around money.  Also I was thinking last night of the biggest financial hustle in the World.   Anti-Depressants.  I am sure that is a billion dollar industry.   If you aren't depressed and lonely some of the time you are probably fooling yourself.   Hiding from your sadness, and your lonely existence. 

You can live a life just on the surface, but it is empty.  How many people hide behind fake smiles, and fake be nices, and stuff like that??  I mean if we could wear our hearts on our sleeve and be totally honest how would we look?? 

For Most all of us we'd look like crap.  It is why the truth is so hard.   Cuz deep down we are just a bunch of shit heads.  If there are virtues out there they are out of our grasp. 

Life is a crazy crazy thing.  

You know what??  For whatever reason it helps me to write this shit.  To let you know about me.   Seems strange way back when I didn't want people to read this shit or see this shit.   I have come a long way though huh?? 

I could give you the reasons as to why I can do this the way I do it, but I already have.  I am a crazy story.  My life is a crazy story, and I am pretty blind if it seems bizarre most times, because I see things different.  I am not blinded by the crazy hangups the World places around our necks.   Overcame that shit a while ago I guess.

Anyway, that is my update, and I am sticking with it.  :)  xoxo

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