Wednesday, August 27, 2014

There Goes Another Bad Stretch...

Hello, and good afternoon all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.   I just made my 2nd cup of coffee so I guess I will get it.   I slept really good today, all the way til 2:30.   I wish I could bottle that up.   Sometimes I sleep til like 11:00 AM.   Not good when I am looking at working 11 hours or so in the overnight hours.   It is Wed. though, and it is a night I have to get a lot done.  

So anyway here I am sitting smack dab in the middle of life right here.  I have a story which has been told.   There is a purpose as to what I do, although I cannot see 2' in front of me.   In all honesty there was a really really really simple way this could have gone, but that has been thrown out the window, because this is how it has always been.  People are a certain way, and have been that way since forever. 

I think as time goes on maybe people generation after generation get even worse and worse.   The World grabs more and more control over people.  There is more colors, and more decorations.   More fairy tales have been told.  People always want their heroes too. 

The truth of life and the truth of us.  Living this life in this great big World.   Seems there should be some type of purpose to us huh??  I mean if you take a premise you want to make a difference, what is a good thing for a person to do?? 

I mean how can you make the World better if you cannot make a person a better person??  How can you change the World if you cannot make your heart better??  Look at the attributes of you.   Your inside.  How would you make that better??  Your first inclination when you look at people is to judge them, how would you stop that?? 

Our lives are so much filled with what is the appearance on the outside, and it is what is on the inside that matters most.   This is the stuff we don't like to show.   We like to show platitudes, and say the right type of things.  Lip service in all the things we do. 

Smile and say hi, even though we feel rotten inside.   How much of all of life is a fake nice??  Everywhere you go right??  Just you too.  You ain't no different, everyone is a fake nice, and if they aren't they are judged the assholes. 

This World will not be changed.   It isn't in the cards.   The World travels a path of fabulous.   Hides everything, because that is what it wants to do.  Taking a hard look at the truth of religion what about those 12+1.  None were married, none had kids.  The 12 made a hard turn at the drop of a hat.  

Why is that??   Something new came right??   A new way.   The 10 commandments were to be written in the hearts of people right??   The simplest answer and the most impossible thing for us to love your neighbor as yourself.   What does that even mean??  Doesn't also say to love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, and with all your soul. 

No greater love than one lays down his life for his friends.  The Hospital was a type of that huh??   I could save myself, but at the expense of others.   "God's Will"

2nd time there was really nothing.   This wasn't for earthly friends it was just "If it is God's will I'll do it." 

To be the worst of the worst if that is God's will.   That truly is the story of the cross huh??  He was willing to go where there is no hope.   Judged dead, and judged to go to Hell.   Remember he said if this can pass please let it, but not my will?? 

The Lord's prayer is what??  Thy will right??  

What is your life??   ME ME ME. 

We think somehow someway we can make our hearts good.   Make it all caring, and things like that.   We work for the path of right, and the path of right is not you doing the work.   It isn't you in control.  If you believed all was possible, than you would see those idiotic 12 were no better than you and me, but they later were turned into better people huh?? 

So you sit there in your own little shell of who you are.   You know you aren't perfect, and you know as far as people go this cannot be the best a person can be.  What is one to do??  Hide behind activities.  As far as the people judge you can look okay right, but what is on the inside??  

I have lived a life with turns.   What was asked of me I have done.   I have shown people the way in which they should go, and the people believe in themselves.  The hide behind lip service, and appearances, and all we wanted was the truth.  

The first step in correcting any wrong is to accept the fact you have a problem.  You are not perfect.   You are not a caring person.  You are selfish, and you don't have what it takes to make you better.  

You need help.  

The World overpowers you, and you do not have the strength to stand up to it.  

It is a story of strength which you need, and trust too.   I need money, and stuff to eat, and all these kindsa things right??  We feel secure with the coin that will not stand the test of time.   Currencies fail all the time.  What are we to do??  Who can we trust??  What you need is known right??  So is the web you are in.  Our lives are nothing, but a web after web after web we get ourselves caught in. 

You need a lot of help right?? 

I have not steered you in a bad direction.   You walk blindly and things get explained to you as you go.   Gotta trust the one whose vision is way way way better than yours.   You may be asked to do some tough stuff, but gotta trust right??   Gotta believe the strength needed will be given to you. 

Oh well.   Guess that is it.


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