Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So Now What??

Hello, and good afternoon all.  How's it going?? Me, I guess I am doing okay.  I don't have a terrible lot on my mind right now, but what the Heck, I can try and throw something down I guess. 

One of the things I thought about this morning is what if back in the day, I had someone like me writing what I do??  How would I be??

I have no idea.   My path was totally solo.  There was no support.  I was just thrown off the deep end in order to suffer.  Why you may ask??  Sheesh, I really don't know.  I learned soooo many things sooooo long ago, and I held onto them.   I knew the truth of life.  I knew the truth of my life, and what I was asked to do, but I surely did not know how the days would look. 

Funny I went through all these things in my earlier years, and even some other things the last several years, and to find out none of it really matters all that much.  I was happy though, because I was done.  My work is done, and I am accepted.  All things are out of my hands, and that is where I come from. 

Twice I was asked to give everything up, and twice I was given the strength to not hold onto anything.  I let it all go, and to my own doom.  Crazy huh??   Me being led in the paths I have been led.  Still traveling along my route to where faith and right meet.  Following along in the steps of the one who went before me, and others too. 

SHEESH, you would think I am some kind of an important person huh??  Nope.  The closer the view I get of me, I wonder what the heck I would be if I didn't take the necessary steps I took.  I cannot imagine actually, and I don't really care. 

People really are kind of messed up, because of how hard this is.  There must be some redeeming quality in us right??  I mean we aren't Hitler.  I've said before too that Hitler was not beyond forgiveness.  See our life, and our mistakes have nothing to do with the judgement of people.  Our whole life goes up against the one who knows all. 

We hide all this stuff.  Bury it so we don't look at it, because we know we aren't perfect.  We know we probably hurt people in our life.  We know we were probably better than some people so we ignored them. 

Some people are probably "better" at some things than other people, but it doesn't make them good people.   You really just need to look inside your heart to know that about yourself. 

Look at all the virtues out there, and look at all the virtues you lack.  One important thing I wrote yesterday is I am no better than the thief on the cross, and guess what??  Either are you.  That was your whole path as I've said all along, but still we try to seek out our redeeming qualities right?? 

You try and show people your redeeming qualities, but the judgement of people matters not one bit.  You have your whole life that has been going on a long time.   Everything about you is known.  It is what you must look at too.  

You need to come to terms with  your life.   Throw out any of the garbage that you think what you do is important, because it isn't.  There is only one important thing in your life, and it sure isn't what you fill the hours of the day with. 

That being said we do need to fill the hours of our day with stuff, so go ahead.  You know the steps I told you are the important ones.   I don't know what will be asked of you, but you are a disobedient bunch, so maybe a test proving your obedience.   You better hope for fear, because without fear you will probably fail.   Or at the right time like me a feeling in my heart to do the right thing.   I was taken to a place of no looking back.   Outside the Garbage room of Bromenn Healthcare.  That was the ultimate fork, and if I chose wrongly I was doomed.  I knew I did right right away.  Felt good for like 2 seconds, and then started my Summer of Discontent. 

My life has been a long journey of me finding my way, and also learning my place in the order of things.   I am one of the many pebbles of sand on the beach.   No more important than anyone else.   I've just been given some stuff to do some important stuff.   Not of my own will, and not of my own choosing. 

I am cool with it too, because Happiness and contentment are not things you find on your own.   A fulfilled life is living a life that matters.   It just so happens that nothing in this World matters.   The World is the great lie that clouds your vision. 

Anyhoooooodles, I guess that is all for today.   :)


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