Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Then It Hit Me...

Hello.  I wasn't going to blog, because I was thinking blogging was stupid.  In my mind I wanted to retire from blogs I have no interest in, but I stay.  I was going to retire my rhs too, because It is dumb, but I guess I'll keep it, and update it. 

What I was thinking about this blog is it is about nothing.  It is stupid, and it doesn't do anything.  Then I thought of other blogs, and realized duhhhh!!  They are the same thing.   A blog about nothing.   Take a walk down the past of people you may have read for however long.   What is their life about?? 

Pretty much nothing right??   Some people even less than others.  That is your personal story.   You have a life.  You are living it.  You spend time doing whatever, and at the end of the day it is about nothing. 

You spend all kinds of time doing all kinds of things, and there you have it.   You are about nothing, and your life is about nothing.   Something we all have in common. 

Oh we kid ourselves thinking if we put effort here or there, then that looks good to whoever, but at the end of the day your life is about you. 

Look at your life in the perspective of the thief on the cross.  A quick look back, and he sees the writing on the wall.   His life is over.   He will be dead soon.   Nothing in his life mattered.  Truth looked at him square in the face, and he didn't justify anything.   He didn't bring a notebook showing all his deeds he "thought" gave him points.   He didn't blame his upbringing, or society, or an unfair World.  He said, sheesh.   My life equates to nothing.   I come with zero points, and I know what I deserve. 

How about you??   I know how most if not all of you think.   In your mind you have your notebook right??  I did this and this.   Others were doing this and that.   Hitler did that, and look at me?? 

The notebook you can throw out, because you ain't taking it with you.   It is worth zero points anyway.   Your life is worth zero points.   Your activities are worth zero points, and not to mention you are nowhere near as good of a person as you can be. 

You will be judged based on how you are, and to become a better person steps need to be made.  Steps you don't want to make, because of why??   Selfish reasons huh??  What if I am asked to give up everything?? 

What will people think??   How foolish will I look?? 

A lot of things to worry about huh??  

You may have kids and whatnot, but that shit has been done since forever, and that = zero points.   Your kids will end up just as imperfect as you are now.   They will have to deal with the same life shit you deal with.  

Peer pressure, which I realize people never outgrow is always around.  I am amazed at how "Politically Correct" people have to be. 

So don't ever use the word freedom.   That is a term for Joseph Goebbels.   It is the truth that sets you free, and the World has no use for the truth.   The World is about painting nice pictures, so it can hide everything from you.  The truth is hidden, and lies are all around us.  

So like I said it hit me.   This blog is about nothing, and I realize in its own way it probably is important.   My life is about as much nothing as yours, except for who I am and what I do.  

The little I can do is support, but ya gotta give of yourself, and people are too selfish.  Too enslaved to being Politically Correct.   You don't have the courage to do the tough stuff.   You don't have what it takes.  

Strength and courage are things that need to be given for these types of things, because no one is so strong to be able to stand up to the World.   No one is so strong to take a hard look like the thief. 

You have so so far to go, and you haven't even made one step.  You want to stand for something good, and do something good, but not at the expense of your "important" life huh?? 

Fair??   Seemingly no, but like Job's tale.   Who knew God's mind that one should instruct him??

Job's tale is pretty silly huh??   A good life, turned bad due to a wager, and he remained faithful, and his life returned better.  It is a tall tale seemingly, but what if your life was that??   Due to things outside of your control your life is a certain way.   The Spiritual powers that be defining how your life looks. 

I guess the turn is that huh??  Giving up control of the path you pave for yourself with your great vision you have of the future.   No one is as smart as you, and no one is as good as you huh?? 

That is how you think.   You are selfish, because that is our nature.   To be selfish. 

Oh well, I guess that is it for today.   To say I am disappointed in some people is probably an understatement.  I have done this so long, and still the vision in some is poor. 

Oh well. 


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