Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Blog Before Work??

Hello, and good afternoon all.  How's it going??  Me, I guess I am doing okay.  I have been pretty blah since I woke up, but now I feel pretty okay.  I do have to admit though that may be my normal.  Working 3rd shifts it seems to take me a while to get going when I wake up. 

I am not sure if I have ever really discussed working 3rds before.  Do I like it??  You know it really isn't too bad.  The only thing I worry about is being tired.   Do I get enough sleep etc...  I don't have a sit down job.  I am always on my feet, always moving, so I don't really worry about being tired when working, but I worry about it before going to work.   That may be a normal thing. 

Anyway I do some thinking throughout the day as is usual.  I realize I think about things quite a bit differently than most.   I stress things of importance very very different from all.  The gap between me and other people is vast.  After all these years of blogging, nothing really has happened.   You have gotten to know me, but if others have changed it hasn't really been for the better.   People have gotten older, and they close themselves up more.   The World is watching ready to judge??  I don't know.  It seems like the more life goes on the less and less you know people. 

You know what I think one of the worst things in the World is??  Spin.  I was reading this morning about the Bears and their suspended tight end.   My God people say the fakest most horsecrappiest stuff ever. 

When did people start making heroes out of other Humans??  Has it always been that way??  My God people are so flawed, and they spin shit to hide it. 

Truth is the best thing out there, and the one thing no one wants to show.  The best intelligence the people can muster is let's try to make the "appearance" of us look good.  Say the right things, and appear to be nice, and we'll go make fun of all the stupid ignorant people under our breath. 

There was bombings and stuff going on in Israel.  You hear the crap from both sides, and I think the best thing a person can do is picture themselves being born in the Country of whose side you dislike.  What information is at your disposal??  If you are in Gaza on the Hamas side, what info were you brought up on.   All these people were kids once.   Running, and hoping to have fun doing whatever kids do.   Same as in Israel.   The people got all growed up though.  Starting hiding more and more stuff.   Started seeking out the "appearance" of stuff instead of the actual truth.   Life is a never ending journey of people getting worse and worse.  Someday they wake up and realize they are old, and what the Hell happened??  Whatever happened to the good old days, when all we worried about were hippies smoking pot, and The Powers that be starting wars because of the Truman doctrine. 

The Hipsters came after WWII, because they saw the World is crazy, and the people are murderers.   Truman Doctrine kept wars alive along with the Crazy Uncle Joe. 

Now everyone hates everyone else.   There are not enough people to kill, but hey the NFL is starting, and these guys are what life is all about right??  The NFL is just around so you can throw your phone at the TV, and kick your dog.   :)   HA!!   Kidding about the dog thing.  Those guys aren't Saints, and either is anyone else.  

You would thing people might question that about themselves.  Why aren't you a Saint??   What the HELL is wrong with you?? 

Oh well.   I am going to go. 


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