Monday, August 11, 2014

I Guess I Can Post A Blog Entry...

Hello, and good morning (barely).  How's it going??  Me, I guess I am doing okay.  I don't have anything of much importance on my mind, but I guess I can always throw down a blog entry for the heck of it. 

What do I think of things??  I am bored frequently.  Unimpressed always.  What can a person do to impress another??  Geesh, I sure don't know.  My guess is there is only one thing a person can do to get strength.  It doesn't lie within you, and there is nothing for you to grab here to make you stronger.   It is a turn, and that is the only thing that matters. 

I have no idea how people look at things.  I'll give you a hint.  You are not right.   You are not perfect.   You don't have a good heart, and as a matter of fact it is bad.  The things in life that make you not as good as you would like overpower you.  That little person inside you that wants to be a good person is overpowered by your bad nature to make you a less than honest, weak, mean, vengeful, jealous, and angry person.  ( among other things)

On goes life and people suffer a great deal, and many times you see people sitting on the sidelines trying to paint pretty pictures in their coloring books, or suiting up in their football uniforms to look tough.  Where are you going with your life??  What are you accomplishing.  We already know when it comes to those 12 you do not stand up.  Your life is too "rich" to hang with them.  You are the rich guy who wanted to hold onto everything. 

Don't you see it??  The answer to your life is in the final words of a dieing man.  When you get better what will you do?? 

"I want to do good". 

Here is the story.  It is not in your power to do good, and as a matter of fact you don't even know what good is.  Your view of good is built by this Earth and Society and all the things that don't stand the test of time. 

The truth is so fucking hard, because it tells us we don't matter.   We are just a person in this World who is going to die, and like all of us before, no one cares.  We don't matter.

So when you ask the question what is one to do, I hope you don't believe what you are doing or what you have done actually matter in the deeper questions of life.  They don't. 

At some point your coin is not all the things I want, but all the things you want to be worth.   A life that matters.   Your view and the one that matters are different.  You are WRONG!!  Plain and simple. 

I  cannot help you at all, and the more you hang on the less I even want to.  You have a choice, and many have already made it.   I can only but let them walk.  I have a direction and a purpose, and to be honest it is totally at odds with how you are now.  Most of you. 

I try to help you see, but you are stubborn, scared, and weak.  When the question came you answered, "I'll keep my life thanks". 

You deny it too, because many of you are just sitting in your corner oblivious to everything, because you are too busy coloring in your coloring book. 



I know I know this blog can get like this, but I am not against throwing a few xoxoxoxoxo's to Doreen.   :))   See, I am not allllll bad and mean.   :)

Have a good one.   

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Anonymous said...

Hew Sweets!! Life sux!!! whatevs...we'll get thru it! thanks for the mention and those xoxos. Back at ya! Ready for bed, shheeeeesh. and ugh! :)