Thursday, August 21, 2014

It Is A Tough World Out There...

Hello, and good afternoon all.   How's it going??  Me, I ain't horrible.  We fucked up our checking account, and accidentally bounced a billion things.   Snowball effect type shit.   Sooo that sucks.  We will be poorer than normal for a bit, but that is life.  Maybe for more people than you suspect too. 

The value and worth of me is very very very little as the World judges these types of things, and I am totally cool with that. 

I am blogging today as a total take it or leave it thing, because I don't really give a crap if I do or don't, but no one else probably will, and I find that odd, but then people really don't have too too much to say do they?? 

Especially when judged against this here blog.  I say things like very very little of what happens in life is worth anything.   I mean just yesterday I said Hitler was not beyond forgiveness, and if that is the case who can we judge?? If we cannot judge, (the thing we do best) than what the fuck can we do?? 

Judging is a tale of two viewpoints.   Said similar things to what will follow several times and over several years.   If you use the mirror on your self it is healthy, but hard, and sad, and all those types of things, because you realize you are alone with your personal demons who overpower you and make you less of a person than who you want to be.   If you turn the mirror it brings about hate and anger, and all those types of things.   Our natural tendency is to totally turn the mirror, but obviously that shit is wrong. 

You should be getting some type of view of this life and this World, and if in your heart you think this shit may be stupid.   Well, maybe your heart is right. 

Maybe what you do doesn't matter, and maybe no one does give a fuck.  I find very little in this World important, and very little of this life, and people want to try and hold onto this one thing that is worthwhile.  This one thing here gives me points.  Points are not yours to give.   Points are things you cannot work for. 

People think money is going to change the World, but it won't.  Money corrupts so if you are raising money for some kind of fucked up issue where does the money go??   You should assume bad places until proven otherwise. 

You have people sitting in cubicles who are hung over getting paid by the money donated for such and such cause.   They hate their fucking job, cause they live in a fucking cubicle, but hey.  That shit helps us sleep at night right?  Better than looking at the shit that overpowers us huh??

This blog here is for the strong.   If you can't hack it you shouldn't be reading.  If you cannot hack me, then by all means throw me to the curb.   You will see I will still go on.   There is no one in this World who is so important my life won't go on without them.  

That is the old underestimate/overestimate thing. 

This World is hard, and so is your life.   Especially if you have kids, because you still have a lot of shit to do, and you have kids and stuff, and a billion other things to worry about. 

Like I said before your web you are trapped in is known.  Nothing is impossible.  Gotta do some tough shit though, and I am not talking about races and other things like this.   I am talking real life tough shit.   You know what happens when everyone comes to realize you are not as fabulous as the pictures you painted??

I don't know, but we all are guilty of that.   Painting false pictures to elevate our self worth.   We all belong to that fucking club.

Anyway, I guess that is it for today!!   :))


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