Thursday, July 31, 2014

Since, I Am On A Roll...

For this year blogging twice in 2 days is me being on a good roll.   Last Several years me not posting 2 days straight is me on a bad roll.  Things have changed as far as that goes.   Anyway, since I am on a roll I guess I'll try and throw something down.  I don't really have much on my mind though.   A lot of times I can go down any avenue, and chances are it may not be what you want to hear. 

That is my life, and that is who I am.  I have seen what life has to offer, and I know the outcome of all avenues.  Seems strange huh??  This Whole World, and us people.  Seems like there should be something good for us to do huh?? Something worthwhile?? 

One only look at the History of the World to know the people have lived quiet lives of desperation.  People try to grab onto some faction to help give their life meaning.  The factions have all failed you.  Whether it be Religion, or Country or whatever.   The factions are all flawed.  Made up by the frailty of human minds.   It doesn't take but a real hard look to know that is true, but that is the point, who has the courage to take "the real hard look"?? 

What if it takes us down a path where we see this shit is all wrong.   Dammit, we want a life, and we want it to matter, and I don't want to just be one of the many pebbles of sand on the beach.   Well there is a life that matters, and it is what I have been saying all along.   I know you know it is true, but how do you get there??

You need the strength to be able to look at the truth.   Accept the lessons it teaches, even if it goes against the current of your whole being.  Even if it says everything to this point doesn't mean anything.   You have one destination, and it is 6' under.   You will not escape it, and why is that even??  Why on Earth are we here being all way more fabulous than the dust and earth we turn into?? 

So this shit is scary.   Somehow someway we have to be worth something right?  Somehow we are special??  Solomon probably lived the most fullest life of anyone, and he was the wisest in all the land.   He saw the end.   He saw the worth of his whole life, and I don't know why you think you will be any different.   I would hold that to be a truth, and make decisions based off that.  

You can strive for wind all you want, but know the end of it.  

Can you imagine me walking the streets in the early 90's.  Wondering what is my life to be??  What is one to do??  Well I found myself alone, so I was going to make me the best person I could.   Work my way toward that.  Little detours helped change my direction.   Meeting honest Lora steered me down the path of truth.   I grabbed it and realized the truth has to be one of the best things.   I let it take me to where it went.   I had no idea it would take me down this path.

It is the only path though that is worthwhile.  The only way to your happiness, and the only way for you to be fulfilled.  That much I know.  

What you think you know is a whole different story.

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