Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It Is Morning Here in the Hamptons.

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  It is morning, I am up, I will drink some coffee, and go for a run in a bit. 

So what have I been doing, and what have I been up to?  Not much at all.  I run a bit.  If I had a spark of something I felt like accomplishing I would run more, but that spark isn't there.  It isn't far away, I would just need to turn on the switch.  Will I??  I don't know. 

It doesn't make me any more or any less of a person.   My life will go in any direction.  It does not matter.  I labor for you, but really I don't do any labor, because it is all done for me.  Yesterday was a perfect case in point.   I woke up from my sleep, and I had nothing on my mind.   I tried to blog, but just deleted it, because it was just garbage.   More than the typical garbage you may find on here.   :) 

The day went along, and things happened.   No plan of mine, and still shit got done.   What we are doing is looking at the World from different angles.  Everyone grows up being a part of this World, and really ya gotta step out to look at it.   In our hearts, and in our minds are fairy tales.  We wanna live 'em, and we wanna have 'em.  Sadly the truth of life is so much different than that. 

We all want our heroes, and they aren't here.   We want someone to look up to, and they are not here.   We want to accomplish something, but there is nothing to accomplish.   Haven't I said all this before. 

Let's take a good hard and honest look at your life.   What are you doing??   What are you accomplishing??   How does that make this World, this life, and others better?? 

It doesn't.   We are born into this World, and there is nothing we will do of any significance.  I know you lie to yourself saying you are important.   What you do is important etc... 

What is your motivation??   Why do you do the things you do??  Who are you impressing??  What major things are being done by you?? 

So many questions in life.   Why are you not a better person??  How would you go about being a better person??   Why in our hearts is there so much "don't give a shit".   What would make us give a shit??

I have lived a horrible, and yet tremendous life.  I've learned many things, and seen many things you would never ever believe.  It was a horrible path, but I guess I had to learn how to live naked like Adam without fear.  How does one go about doing that??  In my case I had to go through a large number of ordeals.   Hidden shit no one saw, and no one knew.   A solo journey, and a solo life I could tell no one.   Maybe at times before that bugged me, but my path gave me courage.   It gave me strength, and it gave me trust.  

Those are good things, and can you imagine living in a World where you don't ever 2nd guess??  Only reason one would 2nd guess stuff is if they were the manipulator of their own personal story here on Earth.   Well, I will tell you what, we don't have very good vision.   Your 5 and 10 year plans are silly.   Your reading the tea leaves of how the future will unfold is silly.

What is it that makes us so arrogant as to be "all that"??

Inside us all is a boisterous voice.  It knows shit.  Knows things, and knows the way to damn near everything.   It is a voice of lies.   That little voice inside you is the one you should listen to, but you don't like it.

You are too fabulous to want to listen to that one.   It speaks the truth, but we grew up away from the truth.   We were enslaved to this World to believe other things.  Anything, but the simple truth which is inside us.   Takes a lot of string pulling to get to the little voice inside us.   Why??   The World overpowers us.   Our Demons overpower us.  

Dammit we wanna feel fabulous, and we wanna be all that, but it is a different path than what you expect to get there.  

I know I blog in vain, because you all want to hold onto your life, but this shit will get done somehow someway.   It won't be because of me, but I am a vessel used to help in ways.  

Not my plan, and not my doing.   I am too stupid, and blind to be able to do anything.   You all need stuff, and I help in ways, but I don't know how, and I am just a blind idiot as to how things are working.

Yesterday was a good day of me learning about me and my place.  

That makes me happy.   Even I need a little bit of that I guess, because this shit is taking way longer than I ever expected.   Why??   Time is a question for all of us.   Something we don't really understand, and there is only one who can transcend time.   That is good vision.  That is the best vision, but you don't trust him.   You only trust yourself... still.

I know I know you are nuts.   :)

That is all I got for today.

Time for a bit of a run.

Have a good one.   :)   xoxoxo   

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