Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Ain't No Thang...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am about the same.  I am not horrible, but I ain't as good as I can be either.  I ran a little two miler this morning.  I was thinking whilst working this weekend my back sure feels a heck-u-va lot better than last weekend.   Last weekend was pretty brutal working with my jacked back, but those things usually only take  a week give or take to get better.   I am almost 100%.  I still feel a little tightness here and there, but definitely not horrible. 

What are some of the things on my mind??  What am I asked to do with this thing here??  Well, really I am not asked to do anything with this.  If it is in my heart to blog I blog, and if it isn't I don't.   I am in between right now.   Luke warm so to speak.   I don't really feel like blogging, but it ain't no thang for me to blog either. 

You want to know one of the things I thought about this morning??  A blog I read yesterday.  Her name is Molly, and her story took a huge turn in the last year.   We aren't really friends or anything, but I know who she is, and I have commented on her blog in the past.   I was thinking she went from an Ironman type person, where that was everything.   She quit her job she hated in the last year, then moved from San Fran I think or somewhere out there to Colorado to go back to school.   Her tri year is over now, and she is going to taste some different things in life. 

You want to know what I thought about this morning??  If life went South like it did for Anne Frank, she would be able to adapt.  She hasn't held onto any part of her life with a death grip, like if it was gone she would die.   I get the feeling many of the people I read would die if the most important part of their life left them.  

The proof is in the pudding too.   People will give you lip service that their spouses, and family, and whatever are the most important things in their life, but it isn't.   Some people call personality a type A, but type A = selfish.   Selfish to me is weak, because if you are so focused on one thing, then when that disappears you are like a fish out of water.   To be strong like an alligator you have to be able to live in any surrounding right?? 

What parts of your life are just lip service??  Saying the right things so the ever unimportant "what people think" looks good.   You will be accepted by the ever judgmental eye of the people who will eventually be 6' under like you.   Their judgement does not stand the test of time, because they don't stand the test of time.  

Still though you need help to overcome little crap like that. 

I like strong people.   Selfish = not strong.  Selfish is a form of weakness that makes you really blind.   It makes you think you are all that, but that is because your focus has made your eyesight really poor.

I find myself these days caring less and less about stuff.   It is my path.   With better vision of life, comes a better understanding of what is important.   It just so happens very little is important.   I tell you what too, my heart is in the right hands, because how can someone with my vision still be relatively pretty good??

Quite the miracle huh??  Yet I play my flute of sad songs with this blog, and whatever it accomplishes. Whatever it is worth I surely don't know.   It must do something.  

At least serve some purpose however minor it is.  

Oh well,   I ain't gots much today, but thought I'd throw something down. 

Today should be a pretty good day.   I have very little to do, so I can relax, and not do a damn thing the rest of the day.   I have a good schedule this week too.   Scheduled only til 5:00 AM every day.   That is pretty sweet.  :)

Have a good one all.   :)))

xoxoxoxo   xxxxxxxx    :)

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