Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back In The Day I Had A Blog...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.  I slept a lot last night.  I tweaked my back last week, so I have been walking like an old older man than I already am.  ;)  Working through it was difficult at times, especially since all I do is physical.  Always on my feet, always moving, and always lifting.  I managed to survive the hardest days, so I guess I'll be okay.   I haven't had my back go out on me for a few years.  Haven't had much problem since my back surgery a million years ago. 

I had a family member die.  I wasn't close with her.   I didn't know her really.   I know very little of her life, and really little of her family.  It is my real mom's side, and they are a pretty close knit group from what I gather, but that is a story for a different time, and perhaps a different blog.   ;) 

From where this thing started to where it is going is quite a trip.  Goes to show you how you think things are going to go, to how they really will go is way different than you can imagine.  

Remember when this blog here started up, and I was 2/3s done??   The rest will be done for me, because I will have the help of the one who overcame, so all is assured.   My path is set.   It isn't going how I expected.   The third and final thing I thought I would have done a long time ago.   My blog is the wait though, so it is a blog of patience.  

Tough things need to be done.   People have to accept the truth, make the right steps, overcome yourself.  Give up your coin for a better coin. 

People are too too busy though.  Wait, I just have this one thing to do.   Let me just do this.   Oh man look at all this that needs to be done. 

I know I know, you are all too busy to give any time to who you should.   Your life, and you are way too important.   I get it.   I get selfish, and all the virtues you lack. 

BUT HEY, at least you are eating gluten free, and you have life nailed.   You know what it is all about, and the way your path is going.   BECAUSE your vision is better than all others.   You are smarter than all others, and you are the master of your own destiny. 

Now since you are the master of your own destiny just like Anne Frank, and every other person who walked this Earth.   How will you escape death??  

The stuff inside you right now that makes you smarter than the ashes and dust you turn into.  What happens to that??   Is that all just organic chemistry?? 

Logic- dust and ashes is what makes who you are today?? 

So much to do, and any great journey starts with one step.   As it so happens for you it is a blind step.  One in which you are not strong, because in this World, and this Journey, you have absolutely no idea what happens.  

You are not the master of your own domain here.   It is a choice.   One in which you don't want to make, because you have so many things here to accomplish on Earth.  

Not to mention who wants to be humbled??

Oh well. 


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