Wednesday, July 23, 2014

To Know Your Place In The World.

Soooo, anyway I wasn't really going to blog today, but as I was sitting drinking my coffee it hit me.  One of the things I have that you don't is I know my place in the World.   I know what I am about.   The search for the mysteries of life are done.  I am not looking to make my mark in any way. 

I know my place.  I know what my life is about, and I know why the heck I am here.   The search for happiness, and meaning, and respect, and all the things one would crave I am not seeking.  I have a real grasp of life.  

Others seek meaning via various avenues.  Whether it is in the Political arena, or their jobs, or trying to be the best person Society wants us to be.  I get in the Political arena once in a while just because people put way tooooooo much faith in it.   Believe things that aren't true.   Put faith in things one shouldn't be putting faith in.   Trying to be what Society wants you to be??  Welcome to failure.  Jobs are just jobs.   The World's way to keep you enslaved, and to make you busier and busier so you don't ponder the things you should ponder. 

Life is a mess, and people try to make the most of theirs I guess in any way.   Try and find some meaning, although they go about it in the wrong way. 

I don't know I guess it is a good feeling for knowing my place.   I have no unreal expectations of life, and no unreal expectations of me.   I don't seek honor in shallow places, and I don't seek for truths in things that don't stand the test of time.  

The all knowing, and arrogant already have all the answers, and don't ever have to question anything.   That is a big log in the eye.  I am not all knowing, but when it comes to my life, and the reasons why I am here I am.   These are things I sought out.  Answers I searched for.   I didn't grab, Society, or Country, or Career to find my answers, and as a matter of fact I threw everything away just in case.   Just in case the Whole World is wrong.   Turns out it is, and yet people find some nook or cranny of the World to hold onto. 

Why??  What else is there??  

Indeed, indeed.  

Oh well.  That is what I was thinking about this morning.  


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