Thursday, March 27, 2014

Has It Almost Been A Week??

Wow, that is kinda unlike me, but whatever.   I don't really have too too much to blog about.  There is a gap between who I am, and who you are.  It is kinda a big one, and I sorta know how you are, and you have no idea how I am the way I am. 

So the stuff you don't know about me is a pretty big deal.   It is probably something you cannot fathom, and cannot understand.  At one point that may have been a bigger deal for me than you, but I probably consider it now to be a bigger deal for you.   I can see through people. 

All this stuff stems from overcoming the 2nd time.  It put me on the path I am now.   My path my whole life was very narrow.  Very hard, and I had to do some tough stuff.  Walk in spots I did not know, and now everything is taken care of.  Kinda nice you don't have to worry about you huh?? I guess I should say it would be nice huh??

No second guessing, no looking over the shoulder, and no worries about what others think.  What Society thinks.  You know what too??  I will not be a horrible person.   I will not be a selfish person, and I will support those who let people in.   Some won't let people in, because they are afraid.  They will bury themselves in the dirt so no one can see.  Isn't that what it says about the coin??  Faithful will make 5 or so, and others will bury it in the sand, because they were afraid.  

How do you make 5?? You don't.  You cannot, because you are not even strong enough to do the best thing with the coin you have.  Isn't that the old lady and the parable?? 

So how are you coming along??  What is the significant and important things you do with your life?? 

What are the lasting and significant things you put your faith in??  I'll give you a hint.  You put your faith in you.  You trust you, and right now you don't know where that ends. 

Also I know how a person feels on the inside.   It is a closed and blocked off area.  Hard even for you to see.  So much of who you are I bet you probably are afraid to let people see. 

Soooooo much stuff to do, and damn near all of it has to be done for you, because you don't know the steps at all.  

Such a shame. 

Oh well.   I am out.  I am having my 2nd cup of coffee, and then I am taking the Hopester for a walk. 


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