Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wow, I Sure Don't Do This Thing Too Much...

Hello, and good morning all.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing pretty good.   I am up early today.  I needed some time to catch up on my sleep, as I was working a lot.   Spent a little time on Opening day to watch baseball instead of napping, and the next day I had to go to court, so I was running on like 4 hours of sleep in 2+ days.  Actually I surprisingly felt pretty good.   The two hours I slept before working the other night held me over. 

So what are some things about me??  Some things about me is life is a crazy thing.   People are some of the craziest people you have ever met.  They get themselves tied up into various groups.  People with similar interests and stuff,  and think they must be good.   I am a part of this group, so we are cool. 

The World is full of groups.   As little as the chess club to as big as Society.  Not one of them actually mean a damn thing.  You don't go to judgement day saying I belonged to such and such group.  You will wear no badges of honor.   You don't bring your bank statements.  You don't bring trophies, or letters of recommendation.   Nope, you stand like Adam before the fall.  Naked of everything.   All your accomplishments, and plaques hanging on the wall saying you are accredited to do this stupid shit mean nothing at all. 

So, when you throw all the shit YOU fucking hang onto, what is your life worth??  What part of your life is significant??  What important things have you done??

I am here to tell you nothing.  You haven't, and you won't do anything that is important.   Oh there are things that need to be done, but you don't know what they are.   You cannot do them, because it isn't your story.   You are all tied up and wrapped in making your own Goddamned story though aren't you??  You gotta be fucking fabulous somehow right??  In some way you have got to be the shit right??

I am calling B.S.  None of us are.   We are all a bunch of gross humans, who do more shitting and pissing than anything else really.   We sure do wear fabulous clothes though don't we.  Doesn't that hide how stupid we all look?? 

Life does matter, and it is significant, but not in the ways you think.  You go out and make a white picket fence it doesn't matter one bit.  

I could go on and on, but you people don't get it.   You wanna believe in this life, and stuff.   I see people like to quote dead people a lot.  Why??  What the fuck did that person do??  He is dead, how fucking smart can he be?  This World is still a shit hole, what fucking good did that person do?

You all want to make some type of sacrifice to show your worth, and your sacrifices are as meaningless as the shit you do to fill up your time of day. 

So when are you going to be strong enough to look at the truth??   When are you going to finally accept the truth??  When do you stop holding on to all that is pointless and worthless??  I ask, because I am getting tired, and bored. 

What happens if I get tired and bored of you?? 


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