Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Could Blog, But You Won't Like What I Have To Say...

Hello, and good morning.  How's it going??  Me, I am doing okay.  So, as to my title.  What do I have to say that you won't like?? 

Oh, just the truth.  Things you don't want to deal with, and things you don't want to face. Things like this life does not matter.  All the crap you do to fill the day don't matter, no matter how fabulous you think it is. 

On this Earth there is nothing worth anything.  The only thing of any value is the coin that is made up of you, and you want to hold onto it.  You want to use everything that is in you to make some type of non-lasting name in this Earth. 

Follow the ways of Society.  Follow all the fairy tales you believe in your heart.   Follow all the propaganda.  I told you Joseph Heller had some important shit to say.  he said in a funny way life is stupid.  The powers that be are some of the most inane people you will ever meet.  The systems in place are flawed, and the people are flawed.

What makes you think people are not flawed??  Have you not seen people??  Have you not seen yourself.   There is no "good enough"  there is only one truth, and you don't want to face it. 

The truth that you and your life are messed up, because this has always been the best Humans can do. 

There is a way, and a truth and steps you must make.   Kinda gotta get over your self though.  

If only you could see what I see, and if only you knew what I knew. 

Oh well.   I have traveled a long ways in my life to get where I am, and funny my job is to help you along in ways, but you still trust you.   Do you see how fucked up we all are?? 

That is the best you want huh?? 


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