Tuesday, April 15, 2014

To See The World Through My Eyes...

Not exactly what I want to show you, but what is in my heart is in my heart.  For me to see how dumb this World is, and to see others trying to hold onto it is really one of the silliest things I have to deal with. 

So anyway who told you this life was good??  Who told you this World was good??  Who told you hard effort = a ticket to paradise??

Where do you get the truths you hold onto??  Handed down from Generation to Generation??  What rich white guy do you believe??

Why have this whole big World, and this whole life??  What is the point??  Especially if we are really supposed to be strong like those 12 who walked away from their life to follow the hippy dressed in a robe. 

Look at all you hold onto.  All your beliefs.  Where did they come from??  What makes you think it is true??  How much do you really know?? 

Does your main truth come from rich white slave owners best thoughts??  A lot of you yes. 

Are your heroes painted with false colors???   Yes. 

Do you see life for how it really is??   no. 

There is a truth out there, and it is not what you expect.   It isn't about peaches and cream, and flowers blowing in the wind, and ice cream with strawberries on top, and 2 old assholes sitting on a porch with their rocking chairs drinking lemonade spiked with Russian Vodka. 

The truth is ugly, and it is something that needs to be dealt with.  Life is hard, and life is miserable in ways, because this World is shit.   This life is shit.  The people are shit, and no one really gives a fuck, no matter what you say.  Society is whack, but people hold that to be the greatest good.  

The greatest good is beyond your reach.  The caring heart is beyond your reach.   The best a person can be is beyond your reach, and that is why steps need to be taken.   We must learn our place, and our worth.  

Our place is we really are not that good at all.  Overpowered by shit that is bad.   Our worth is sooooo much less than what you think, because somehow someway we have to be fabulous right??   RIGHT???   I mean what is the fucking point if we aren't?? 

The point is there are hidden paths that lead to better ways, but you kinda have to choose.   The World, and all you can get out of it, or the ways I speak.  

You did have the freedom of choice all along, you just didn't know what it meant.  You thought the road was easy, and you thought the path to strength,  confidence, had to start out with you being just that right??

Strength and confidence is given, and you have to go through hard times, because to see clearly is to see with good vision.  To see without horse shit fairy tale truths sucking whatever is worthwhile in your mind away. 

You want to look through my eyes??   Do you want to see how much I hate this fucking World, and the fabulous fucking people in it??  I doubt it. 

Why the change in me??  Why the change in this blog?? 

My heart is the way it is, because because because because....   Because of the night after I gave up. 

Welcome to the path where you cannot hang your hat on some type of salvation peg anywhere, because it is non-existent.  

There is no salvation peg.  There is only a journey to the truth, and you have to be willing to go on the ride.  

I mean you really should see you are not all you can be right??  I mean there has got to be a way for you to be a better person right??   Where you do more important things than whatever the fuck you do now.   Right?? 

Can I get an AMEN to that???


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